Monday, April 21, 2014

Warriors of Light posted April 21, A. D. 2014

A neat/nike 'word' coined in Symbol has to do with what I call 'Warriors of Light'.  It takes off from the use in medieval times of cathedrals as solar observatories.  Holes would be punched in the roof of a cathedral, and the positions of the lights charted on the floor of the cathedral.

The new, improved Warriors of Light takes off from the fact that WE are the light.  Start with JBJ's 49-book Bible from 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament'.

Two things are done.  1--Sit as the books, in a 7x7 grid.  The neat thing here, the word coined in Symbol, the Language, is that WE are the Jubilee.  If you want 50 instead of 49, add the pastor.

2--Each book/seat/person writes 1/2 a page/a page about how the sermon is seen/heard/acted upon from the perspective of that book.

Put these together, and you have something to show prospective members about what your church does in this way.  The main thing is that each one teaches the others, and as people sit in the formation of the Bible, WE are the Bible and the Jubilee.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: For recruitment into the command of beautifying the Garden/Creation, to tell someone that we need someone to play Leviticus, or The Twelve, or Greater Chronicles--that might be persuasive?  We need a 2nd trombone, a shortstop, etc.

A retuned seating chart is available at: For a re-retuned 7x7 of a past year/coram, see:

Use both?  I will be as an example of a one week at a time warrior of light.  The Resurrection sermon might be on a topic of ‘Who Jesus Is,’ What did He do?’ etc.  Through the lens of Genesis [major emphasis} (1-49) and of Hebrews  (49-2, (sic, Exodus is where we’re going), what can be said to help?

Note:  I would like to see a year’s worth of this in a congregation, as an example book. A joint venture?

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  1. Dear Rich:

    I was trying to say that WE are the body of the Sun/Son that has come with healing in its/His wings, and that we should act like the Jubilee he proclaimed in Luke 4, one anothering one another --and every other--and that this is the way, this matrix/gestalt to prosper on the frontier of the intellectually burnt-out areas.

    And then I gave what I thought was a relatively simple way to do it, using the 49-book, 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament' Bible.

    Be the Jubilee!

    Love in King Jesus,

    Charlie 'Chuck' Hartman
    PS: Thanks for helping me state this more succinctly.