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Tulip Time, Good Egg Days, County Fair

Tulip Time, Good Egg Days, County Fair

This amplifies PellaSquare/How To Make Your Communities Better, here:

A very wise one in our circles emailed me: ‘Every town in the country should do this’.

What’s it about?  It’s about a community going back to her roots, and glorifying them
Example:  Pella, Iowa, in her Dutch phase, was a refuge.  After going around the square in a cross of reality (ERH) way, the challenge for Pella becomes ‘We were given refuge then.. How can we give refuge now ?

For one of the old home towns it is this:  Stuart was founded in 1871 by the Bog Mover of the day, the railroad, as a town to serve the farmers in the locality, how can Stuart by 2021 learn to feed her hungry, 1/6 of whom are on food stamps/SNAP, and be refounded by the Big Mover of today, the interweb (sic), to serve urban farmers world-wide?  (Search Stuart Feeds Her Hungry? Chuckhartmanhistory conductor, or on Facebook)

For Guthrie Center it could be:  Guthrie is the county seat of justice.  Since Barzun and Creveld both say that a failure of justice will lead to the decline of the state, how can Guthrie be refounded as a fount of justice? (This is a case of what I’ve been working on being applied because I see what I’m interested in, Christian Court TV—and yes, this would be a HARD sell).

This could be a very valuable service done for communities, and it could start with brochures handed out at Tulip Time, or the other two, and a website, YouTube Channel, etc.  Here’s info on money-making via YouTube from, Free Tip of the Week.

Now, about TulipTime.  A different wise one in our circles has opined that what should be done around Tulip Time is sermons on the 5 points, Total Depravity, Unconditional Election… .

This would seem to be very wise, for the Pella native, John Hospers, who ran for President on the Libertarian ticket, and who was the Chairman of the Philosophy Department at USC, on his Facebook Page (run by someone else, obviously) gave some biographical information about himself, and he was turned from religion because, iirc, he could not get good answers for some basic basic question. Who else today is suffering from that?

Now, further, this is, in addition to a ministry (Improve Your Communities) which could be a surplus-generating effort (If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall), and a ministry of the five points, could also be a ministry of Calvinism as an engine of prosperity.  This would not be a difficult point to make, would it? (I prefer ‘pont,’ French for ‘bridge,’ for making this pont (sic) would be a bridge!
I would propose McCloskey’s wonderful ‘Bourgeois Dignity’ be used also.

A brief summary:
Innovation! McCloskey says that fostering innovation (respecting, rhetorically supporting) in a milieu of ethics (7 virtues: prudence, temperance, justice, courage, faith, hope, charity) is what produced the GREAT FACT that we live '100' times better than in @ 1700.  Innovation. 'Bourgeois Dignity'. Holland, England. Destroys other  theories. If we can continue to foster innovation…
In 1800 the world was Bangladesh, $3/day (present value). @1700 it was worse. The Great Fact is that Norway is $137/day now, e. g.

And what matters is not that Deidre used to be Don, but the questions ‘How good is the scholarship?’ and ‘Does McCloskey demolish all other explanations?’

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie ‘liminal’ Hartman

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