Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is Christian Culture Dead? I doubt it.

Is Christian Culture Dead?  I doubt it.

Some would say that in a way similar to how God moved the center of Christendom from Jerusalem to Antioch, Constantinople, Rome, North (See 'Bourgeois Dignity,' tangentially, Across (America) and now to the whole planet (native churches in every land, writes Gonzalez), and via David Field's summarization of why evangelical defeatism is unBiblical, so he may be moving it to....China? for a recent article says China will have more Christians (not a Higher %)  than any other nation 'soon,' He leaves whence He is not worshiped.

But we're all in one city now, says JBJ.

This guy claims it's $347,000 per convert/baptism.  Seems odd.

Others have indicated that it takes a million dollars to plant a church. [Yes, this is a different cultural attitude]

Is Christian Culture Dead?

Maybe in America 

On the other hand Watson has planted 80,000 (more now) churches in 15 years in North India.  At a million dollars each, that's 80,000 and 000,000, or $80,000,000,000?

But the frontier is...Cambridge and Boulder (Rich Bledsoe).  We know how to convert tribes.

All these are maturational in the Holy War and in redemptive history.

Here's an example--maturation--as we (Israel of Old and New Israel) conquered the astrological/astronimical gods of the empires by worshiping one in 7, and therefore by performance speech confessiong that The One True God/Trinity made all those things the others worship, and rested one day in 7, and that was implemented by showing the retuning of the universe at Ascension (Rev. 5:12, 7:12, JBJ), causing the order of names of days of the week to be 4152637 (ambiguity with 3 and 2), thus, geocentrically after retuning by circle of fifths 1234567 from 71234, --4-- or Sun (day), then 45671 --1--Moon (day), etc., we can conquer the Axial Age institutions, set up as maturational challenges during the Exile, by using ERH's Forward-In-Back-Out in 'The Christian Future' to make something similar to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, in this way:  Already Day, Jesus All Times Day, Lao-tse Day, Abraham Day, Buddha Day, Greek Philosophy Day, Not Yet Day.

Liabilities become Assets, the mark of the Christian Era.

Love  in King Jesus,

PS: Elder befuddlement indicates a burnt-over district in regards to memory, as the New York area that birthed Mormonism and Russell (?) was such in regards to will, and the college deserts (if such they be) are in regards to intellect.  Augustine's division or summation is not complete, is it? Anyway, for befuddlement, do something for elders as has been done for youngsters with sponsoring/godparent actions.  Be mature? Turn a liability into an asset. End with an imperative, for without the imperative, there is no future (RB)

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