Monday, May 26, 2014

Uniting: Memorial Day, All Saints, Gregory VII, Christian Court TV

A friend siad that we should remember the martyred saints of the battle.

Thus, I say.  All Saints Day came about in 854 when every date in the yearly calendar had beencovered in the blood of one martyr, and there needed to be a way to honor all the other martyrs. Luther was wise, calendrically, to post the 95 Theses on the day before All Saints' Day, November 1, All Saints also being called All Hallows, thus, Luther posted the 95 on All Hallows' Eve, or Halloween, on which traditionally, we laughed at the demons, keeping them out, as we went into our winter quarters. . Second point: Barzun (Dawn to decadence) holds that after Christendom's unity was rent, the next move was the uniting by monarchy--for there must be uniting. Perhaps we need to echo Gregory VII, who Rosenstock (Out of Revolution) says united Christendom by saying that any Christian could appeal to Rome. Money with Christian Court TV would be a start, Jeff Harlow, Lori A Harlow.

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