Thursday, May 22, 2014

Application of Condition of Christendom to Intellectual, the Frontier (Bledsoe)

Thanks, Rich!
And here's a way to approach 'the intellectual frontier'.
Use JBJ's 7x7 grid as a way for the whole Bible to respond to a sermon, or something else, in this way.
1--Each of 49 congregants (or groups, such as families) respectively becomes the congregation 'expert' on that book.  Someone is Leviticus, someone is second Leviticus=Psalms, etc.
1 Genesis

2 Exodus
3 Leviticus
4 Numbers
5 Deuter-
6 Joshua
7 Judges

8 Samuel (I think JBJ exchanged Samuel and Ruth later)

9 Ruth

10 Psalms


12 Proverbs

13 Song of  Songs

14 Ecclesiastes

15 Isaiah

16 Kings

17 Jeremiah-Lamentations

18 Ezekiel

19 Daniel

20 Esther

21 The Twelve

22 Greater Chronicles

23 Matthew

24 Mark

25 Luke

26 John

27 Acts

28 Revelation

29 James

30 1 Peter

31 2 Peter

32 1 John

33 2 John

34 3 John

35 Jude

36 Romans

37 1 Corinthians

38 2 Corinthians

39 Galatians

40 Ephesians

41 Philippians

42 Colossians

43 1 Thessalonians

44 2 Thessalonians

45 1 Timothy

46 2 Timothy

47 Titus

48 Philemon

49 Hebrews

2--After the sermon, within the service, within the church calendar, within the life of the church and society, each instrument (book of Bible) player writes maybe 1/2 page about how the sermon can be seen through the lens (the  new eyes) of that book. [Wouldn't it be neat if each sat in the position of the book in the above grid! -- The congregation would 'be' the Bible!]
3--Thus each teaches the other, they one another one another.
4--Were this put on a web page, evangelism efforts would better 'tell everyone what He has done'.  What's your church like?  Well, we do this interactive thing, wherein we have 49 perspectives on the Bible.
5-- Don't have 49?  Tell a 'prospect' that we need a 4th Joshua=Luke?
6--Approaching an American literature scholar, ask him or her to superintend the Leviticus section, from the position of Moby Dick=Levitticus, as Jim has said.
7--A bonus.  Philemon is the Judges of Joshua.  It tells about conquest.  My friend, Eric Robinson, has made valuable remarks about how Paul's use of rhetoric, the tongue, was used in the slavery issue.
8--The best 'telling' ways are found by actually praying over the town, and the houses, and those who aren't in the liturgical battle weekly, asking the Holy Spirit to give you the right words, I propose. And you have mentioned that Boulder, and Cambridge, England are the frontier--we know how to do tribes.  I call this an 'interactivity'. Hahn, I've read somewhere was asked to teach patritistics at a Roman Catholic seminary, a type of joining a team in a way.  I  have a series of 'interactivities,' in the I.O.W.A. play, Interactivities.Of.Warriors.Advancing.
Love in King Jesus,
PS: If the 7x7 grid doesn't come through as a grid, look on ChuckHartmanHistoryConductor.
Grid from E. T. Hall's Silent Language, where he uses a 10x10 to show a whole society.

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