Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Condition of Christendom--Much Improved

Dear Gentles:

SHORT! JBJ and Buckminster Fuller

Here's how I'd start.  (Quote from the Amazon link for JBJ's 'Crisis, Opportunity, and the 
Christian Future)

Secondly, Chapter 8 of Fuller's 'Critical Path'.

Spiralling, JBJ:  'We are witnessing the end of Western Civilization. The present crisis in our culture is the greatest since the first century. Many commentators on the present scene believe that the entire world is moving into a period of neo-tribalism. In this striking book, theologian James B. Jordan argues that this cultural change is part of God's ongoing plan for humanity, the plan by which the Holy Spirit grows God's daughter, humanity, into a bride for His Son. The present crisis provides a tremendous opportunity for the Christian Church to challenge and transform the world as never before. Here, Jordan points to how this can be done. While many view the present crisis with dismay, and are looking backwards to older traditions, Jordan argues that God is calling us forward, and that the Bible points the way.'

Spiralling: Fuller: Previous chapter: 'Go for it'. 
This one:  A step-by-step explanation of his 50-year program
Two important quotes: ''...the critical path of the Apollog Project--one-half ow whose two million or so tasts to be accomplished involved the development of technology that was nonexistent at the outset of Apollo--...'
' "What are the first-things-first" -- the number-one, -two, -three, and so forth...'

Spiralling three:  Add that Africa has gone from 10% to 46% in the last century, add David Field's stirring summary in 'Evangelical Defeatism is Unbiblical,' add Pastor Cho's million-member congregation, add '80,000 churches in 15 years,' add North's 3rd-century/3rd-world greatest evangelism movement in history...

Do a Bucky!

Spiralling four:  ERH's Imperative Stem from Magna Carta Latina, and his truth that any new technology increases the space over which we can operate, decreases the time it takes, and destroys the old group. AND, from MCL, that 'chant'/song was the way men first communicated when they first communicated with God.

Add Berman's page 6 comment in 'Law and Revolution' that medieval cathedrals literally had budgets for a thousand years. And quickly later, the law is symphonic.

I sing this imperative stem (I'm no Aslan):  Bledsoe says the frontier is in Boulder and Cambridge, England. Chant me a song of Critical Path for the frontier, continuing to do our duties (TNE) in Jeremiah Time, while, in this '...most exciting (time) since the first century,' we (work to) become new Abrahams, setting forth the word of God for generations to come'. (COATCF)

Love in King Jesus,


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  1. Gestalt of the Bible, and of Christendom

    I've been thinking that there's a matrix, or structure, or gestalt into which we put ourselves when we read the Bible, and that it is much more, another order of apprehension, than the specific verses, though they are of course essential. Example: Solomon and the two harlots and one baby--his wise decision is not explicitly deduced from specific verses in its entirety, though covetousness being commanded not to be done, and 'I set before you and death, therefore choose life' could have been explicitly mentioned by the Holy Spirit, but weren't. We are supposed to fill in the blanks, apprehend the gestalt?

    And the gestalt is imperative, and more--an imperative stem, a song.
    Read, or hear, etc.--or get the application thereof, or see someone acting thus.