Monday, April 14, 2014

It's FAR From Over

Oh, it's FAR from over. We haven't really started. It's a maturational challenge.  We need more history, first.  One could start with a book on martyrs, and even on 'saints'.  Then go to how to have community, which many seek. (See warriors of light at chuckhartmanhistoryconductor--I've been working on it). Then some Goedel's Incompleteness work--you can't even derive mathematics from axioms, or James Nickel might say. Attempt comprehensivity, and you will realize that it can't happen without something like a perichoretic theree-one--and by the way 'Christ and Classicl Culture' by Cochrane seems to ignorant me to be showing that Rome and Greece fall because they cannot solve the one and many problem.  Realize that you're/we're in it for the long term, and when the present arrangement falls like Rome, we'll still be here, and we've been here longer.  See Barzun in 'Dawn to Decadence' and his projection for the future.  Realize that this present arrangement is the result of an attempt to reconcile opposites, and get Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy's 'Universal History 1954' CD for $30 from Amazon, which includes all his lectures in English transcribed, and several complete courses on Universal History . That's a start.  ERH proposes that there have been revolutions of the West: Papal (Investiture), German, English, American/French, Russian.  What's next?--that question should animate our minds and hearts and actions in psalmodic response, etc. I have a post summarizing Gardner's summarization on the aforementioned chhc. I mistyped aformementioned!  A mistake, but a word that includes 'meme'.  As we keep going deeper, we'll get to the root, and a new way to say the old, and see that the old saying of the new may apply.  That is, if we don't tell the Good News newly, we may not have heard it, even in the old way. It's a new creation, it's a new time--always. Reconcile that. Do the imperative-subjective-narrative-objective-planetary service sequence, help explicitly reconcile oppoisites, h.e.r.o.

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