Monday, April 21, 2014

Hardware, George Washington Hartman and Descendants

Hardware, George Washington Hartman and Descendants

Use and other sources, and composed packages of hardware for each situation.  Sell on web as

George Washington Hartman, Charles' great-grandfather, started a hardware store in Stuart, Iowa in 1905, when Indian Nation was still a political entity. He was born on the 4th of July. To articulate the basis for is to honor the longer-term of my father's line, hardware, just as Covault Gardening does for my mother's line.

In the shorter term, Ambidextrous Golf is for my father, and Godparents For Eldsters is for my mother.

Thus, per the 5th Word/4th Commandment, my calling of helping explicitly reconcile opposites by initiating some efforts toward psalmodically responding so as to help make a new layer of social order may be facilitated.

Back to Hartman Hardware.  The idea is to sell on-line through an Amazon Store, Facebook, Shopify, etc.

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