Monday, April 21, 2014

Ambidextrous Golf

Play golf both left-handed and right-handed.  An homage to Howard Wilson Hartman, my father, a great athlete. My best, in best shot is 74.  I'm a bogey golfer, right handed. Hit right-handed from the whites, left-handed from the senior tees.  Take the best shot, hit both right-handed and left-handed again.  Continue.

I've broken 100 on three different courses, playing 9 holes left-handed and 9 right-handed.  Triple bogey max, left-handed.

This is very helpful in learning to get back to fundamentals, as a teaching technique.

Maybe someday George Washington Hartman and Descendants Hardware can sponsor a world championship in Ambidextrous Golf, though there is much to be learned by a search of the web.

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