Sunday, October 23, 2016

Liabilities into assets: Stroke Singitiation Schilder

Liabilities into assets Stroke Singitiation Schilder
Exegesis in Song. Did my stroke camp me toward singitiation and Responsong?

As ERH said, 'The Christian Era is when liabilities are turned into assets'.

I’m thinking that Providence gave me this stroke to slow me down and so that I would stop a while and realize that a singing initiation (singitiation) and a response in song—a responsong—was important. For instance, in The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive, the group sits around a table in the form of a tabernacle and Day 8 asks, in order, Days 7654321, respectively, he is singitiating ‘Joy To The World.’ 

Ad what is the tune of 4152637 (days of the week, from the retuning of the universe at Ascension pictured in Rev. 5:12-7:12) and what’s the retuning of that into 8531642 , with days named after Revelation’s churches, and what’s the Eliot Anselm Time 123456789-10-11-12 tune, and, for instance, the Great Song of the retuned 12 minor prophets, etc.? 

Schilder, in ‘Christ and Culture,’ makes a remark about the Gospels not being a history of Jesus as much as a record of fulfillment, so in what way is Luke a responsong then, to the house of the Hebrew Scriptures, and what’s the tune of each?

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