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Thanks for this. I've been working on one for a while, inspired by the mid-century lectures of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy at Dartmouth. Universal History 1957, Universal History 1954.He says that 4 major calendars are derived from 4 major layers/orders of society. Community calendars, tribal; work calendars, empires (Egypt, e.g.); ecclesiastical calendars (Israel); academic calendars, Greece.History is chiastic. Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, The Reverser of Trends, Church, Nation-State, Neo-tribalism. Each of the last 3 revisits one of the first 3, and eliminates a major failing. The church had unity, not exclusiveness, the nation-state eliminated slavery, and we are in the neo-tribal era to eliminate perpetual war. The Greeks are companion, with a sense of wonder, but never in charge. They had all the problems of the other orders, plus.We dare not forget these earlier eras, else their problems come back to plague us in a bigger way.Let's start by renaming the days of the week by retuning the retunings, and adding other features. For instance, from the core history, we would not take a tour of the solar system, retuned, but a tour of the social firmament/in-between of the core history. Oddly, ThorsTag/Thursday (referring to Jupiter, Deus Pater) is better, in peace, PhilsYumm!/PhiladelphiaBmoY)..More later. Much more buried in Notes on my Facebook profile too. Charles Howard HartmanPS: I believe in dragvolution. God lovingly drags us into His future, changing us.As we are torn in the present between the future and the past, between in and out, our howl becomes music, and we the singing song.

PPS: Don’t forget Stewart Brand’s Long Now. He was a big buyer of ERH’s Out of Revolution early on. Also for ERH, and his student before WWII, Clint Gardner, and ‘Beyond Belief’PPPS:

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