Friday, August 20, 2010

Short and Sweet--Our Task

If Rosenstock-Huessy is right in 'Out of Revoltuion' that each major nation-state forming revolution was based on a different part of the Bible. Germany, the cross. England, Judges. These USA, Exodus and Noah. France, before the Fall. Russia, matter in motion--formless and void. Our task is to go from 'In the beginning...,' hopping over formless and void to 'And God said...'. We need to speak the right words of His after Him, in the right tone to make, under Him, the next, as He has foreordained. It's a task for adults, even ancients. pp. 752-3. Chuck. (Also see Clint Gardner's Chapter 5 in Beyond Belief for the speech structures of each nation-state formation. Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective.) [Clint is incorrect about panentheism].

Read Chapter 5. Read Out of Revolution.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I got Clint's book now I need to read it.