Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do Music Right!


I'm also thinking that the music should be appropriate to the task and the group.

What have you?  An army, warriors of light, a flock, an orchestra?  I'm pushing for a teleological vision, a response to the triumph song.

[Oddly, I hold that the first 3000 years after the Resurrection, in a big sense, are Psalm Tone G, that is the covenant sung on a high note of the heavens above in liturgy and names, followed by the covenant sung on a low note in the scientific method of numbers (Galileo), and now the covenant sung in the middle, in 'you know hat I'm saying' the words, maximally interpreted, of the earth beneath, people made of dust. Psalm Tone G.]

[Even more oddly, the response of song to the reading of the word is a micro-kairos of the chiastic glorification of Creation Speech into New Song, Singing]

We need anthems, chants, harmonizations, lining out and more, much more, depending on our purposes.

Here's a very appropriate 'singing' for its time and place. [A couple minutes of celebration as ISU beats Nebraska]

Love in King Jesus, Our Song and Strength

New Charlie

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