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Page 145 of This Side Jordan Revolution


This will take serious work.  It’s worth it.

Origin: In neo-tribal times, how stop the perpetual warfare of tribes?
Need a ‘revolution,’ as in ‘Revolutions of the West’.

To work best, to start, only 10 (‘Symphony’) are needed, maybe a dozen or two in a larger group, to train (like a country school in 19th century Iowa-mid-20th century Iowa.

Start person-to-person by playing, ding, being, composing, singing a SYMPHONY.

Being the end to beginning of ‘Revolutions of the West? I have a next couple’

Conclusion: We’ve gone through the Introduction, page 1.  Then we have ‘144’ (number to be determined) pages comprising, in order, a—The Symphony Of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive)/TSOH/The Symphony Of CHI/SYMPHONY, B—How To Make Your Communities Better/PellaSquare, C—House Of Singing Times/HOST/CalendarOfPeacePriming, D—153Culture.

153Culture is composed of BigSix, 49 Present, 49 Catechism (Modified, Supplemented Heidelberg’s 52), and 49 Books (after JBJ, E. T. Hall) in 3, namely 1-49, 49-2, 49-8 (in ‘tiaras’ of 8531642). Maybe 7 pages.
49 Present:  (Next day) Trinity, Spirit, Jesus, Church, Family. State, University,, Corporations, Books, Internet

HOST is maybe 12 pages.

PellaSquare is maybe 12 pages.

TSOH/SYMPHONY IS300+  pages, by only 90 ‘S-pages,’ so named because each comprises many pages, but can best be navigated by grouping the pages into ‘S-pages).

We continue going backward (in homage to Rosenstock’s/Rosenstock-Huessy’s ‘Out of Revolution’.  Then we will start alternating forward and backward, in a way similar to The Symphony Of CHI.

BigSix.  These are the six biggest challenges, in one sense, of the present or nearer future. See page one, Host17040, for a possible list.  They are still in development.  One would be longevity.  Longevity, Isaiah 65:20, will be a challenge as affluence in the West is now a challenge. A Second? After the State, a next layer.  Barzun/Creveld, Nisbet, Berman. Third? Prisons, War and Peace. Fourth? ERH’s 4 fronts, intelligent machines, currency, life-manipulations issues, the elderly, the continuing poor, Big Data. Fifth? Dependence on systems (EMP, etc.), Covenante, nature/freedom, 3-decker universe/12 dimensions, Beginning/Origins, Communication, 5th Generation Warfare and more, Aunt Lori’s Christian Court TV, order of holidays (Above—start before 49 with TSOH, then at PV do PS, at Tbotmofa do HOST, at Totus Christus 1 do 153Culture, at TC2 do GFE, and at end do Aunt Lori’s Christian Court TV. Discipling nations as covenat groups (Red Sox Nation, BN), I know these repeat: Sexual Thing, given that Japan's young are not having sex, per a recent report, and the whole LGBT thing, with sex robots to be, etc.  A second is Wealth, how to handle the best time in history to make money (and new types of money, Bitcoin, Hour, Digital from metal, accounting entries, printed paper...). A third is Longevity (Kurzweil, Cryonics...) Isaiah 65:20.  A fourth might be discipling something such as The Red Sox Nation.
Sixth? Asymtopic Sysyphus Unknown God unto Seven Incorporates as Days of Week, as ERH’s Conquering Astrological/Astronomical Empires/As Incorporating/Eating Axial Age…
And these ‘layer’ the first Week of Creation, 6 + 1, and are thirdly HoliDays/Holiweeks.
KholiDays and KholiWeeks, as in ‘God kholed, spoke, in Gen. 20, with whole.

Summary of Page 145.  Why should you read further?  Maybe you shouldn’t. I only want a couple dozen serious ones. A first requirement would be desire.  Another would be knowing at least the hint that human speech and hands make time(s), as in declaring war and making peace. ERH, JBJ, North should have made your intellectual acquaintance, Christendom also. If you’ve been ‘over-seminaried,’ probably not.  I don’t choose you, but you choose to read and ‘play’/’incubate’ along. O Lord be with (Exodus 3:12).

We write the last page first, the end so we can begin. It outlines the parts and the numbering, and that we will alternate coming from the end backward with starting at the beginning and going forward.  Introduced are The Symphony Of History, How To Make Your Communities Better, House Of Singing Times, and 153Culture.  These are 4 stages of a next revolution, as in the Title: ‘Revolutions of the West? Yes, I have a next couple. Come aboard!’

Summary of Page 1 of ‘Revolutions of the West? Yes, I have a next couple. Come aboard!’
A—See page 145.  B—Let’s play, do, be, become, sing, compose a version of The Symphony Of History.  We start with you, in training to be a Conductor.  The present Conductor finds the Talent, Trauma, or Troubling that you bring to the orchestra.  Example (from Host12047—Opus 47 [Years Of Marriage]

Sing A New Era/S.A.N.E
Praying without ceasing. On your smart phone.
You receive this starting universe of questions on your smart phone during the week from other Symphony members Your ‘Big Thing’ is HEALING.You are Day 5, Sans and you have one other name.
ASIDE, IMPORTANT. (S.A.N.E. WAS ALL ABOUT REMEMBERING.  Now we must factor in forgetting unto peace. [Chardin and ERH from ‘Planetary Service’]
Add this to the corpus of this, from Lanier’s ‘Who Owns the Future,’ page 32.  Information technology involves design judgments about what to remember and what to forget.  Chuck:  Put this in, for ‘money forgets,’ he says earlier in the book, and God remembers. The rest of the book elaborates on the peace of forgetting that allows enemies to have used the same money—it forgot—and the information technology that does not forget the paths money has taken.

4 Could demented/Alzheimered persons, already in nursing homes, etc., be healed, so that they could go home and function well?  How?  Have there been any cases?

1 Did something like Sheldrake’s morphic resonance fields ‘hear’ or communicate my YOHAD cries? If so, what did it do?


2 Where is the light of the world? Do they ignore us, then laugh at us, then fight us, and then we win?

6 ‘Light of the world’ and ‘all things cohere’:  Marriage and children, do these help healing?

3 Week One:  From the Fact, what new Instruction will there be, as you look toward the end? That is, what succession, what planetary service, what new Torah, what poem will you and the Symphony utter, or better, sing? We’re looking for some New Instruction based on Fact—what do you have?

7 Tell me what I must do to be healed. Is this true, the following? ‘At X church, we heal you, under God, by killing you and making you alive in Christ, by Word and Sign—and all your relationships, Lord willing.’ Thus you can go and help us do likewise in the Kosmos

Day 8, Chuck, Resurrection, asks Day 5,  Sans, Healing/Unity & Diversity,:: What imperative impacts your talent Healing, from the Resurrection?  Impacts you or someone else. (This Initiation is forwarded also to Page 17, for Day’s 5’s Response

9 How does the Ascension change your view of healing?

What does this mean?  It’ll take only a few pages to become VERY clear.

AND How can you benefit from this? Or, in the words of a venture capitalist, being asked to invest his money )time is your only capital: Long): If you do what I’m writing, and it all goes as I say, what do you get in the end, and what do I get? You’ll know in less than a page—when you are the type of reader/doer to whom I’m writing! FILL IN THE BLANKS, BECOME A Conductor.

The Art Form of the Next Era
It’s ‘Scientific Method’ : As liturgy is the covenant oriented toward the heavens above, and the scientific method is the covenant oriented toward the waters under the earth, The Symphony Of (Comprehensive) History (Interactive) is the covenant oriented toward the earth beneath—people, made of dust.

Here’s the key.
We help each player by asking him/her questions.
The questions repeat the stages of history and maturation.
We one another one another to maturity.
In redemptive history.
This conquers, under King Jesus.
There are 4 stages.  These are some sequences.
Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact
(Jordan, ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future’)
Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective.
Cuddle, Story, Parrot, Pert, Poet (Jordan’s adaptation of Sayers)
Transcendence, Hierarchy, Ethics, Oaths and Sanctions, Succession. (North)

Rather speak the truth than have a friend?  But...please consider this?
1--The advantage of a person as a friend is that you are not omniscient in your knowledge of truth. And bearing false witness 'against your neighbor' means hurting your neighbor. 
2--A friend, also, in one with whom you share all truths.  Thus: John 15:15 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.) Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.
3--Also, McCloskey in Bourgeois Dignity writes of conjective truth (vs. subjective, objective?) as that truth that is found by conversation.

Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook, (@ 2 minutes in, history conducted)

Eager ones may want to start conducting each his own symphony.
First, catch one of your ten.
Tomorrow, November 19, A. D. 2013 I continue with pages 144 and S1, Lord willing.

Are there any questions?
November 19, A. D. 2013 (HOST date to come)

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