Monday, August 7, 2017

If I had already 'Schliemanned'.

Dear Gentle Ones:

If, IF, if I had already 'Schliemanned'.

Schliemann retired rich at 36, Wikipedia says,. and then found Troy, which most thoght was foolish.

I am much older than that (this year it's 50 years since Congress passed a law making me 'an officer and a gentleman'!) bu some projects are worth a try.

If, if I had already Schliemanned, I'd ask how much it would cost me to get someone to work on the basic 243 words of Hebrew--or some variation of that.

Starting with Mozeson's 7 sounds, putting them minto 2-sound roots, using a grid, and then adding a third dimension of 7 would give us 243. This is in 'Origin of Speeches'.

But, his 7 sounds include in each one, several consonants.

And, the first word in the Bible has 4 consonants: B-R-SH-T. (That I think this makes a mini-liturgy on the 'first mention' principle seems to await further discussion.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'Schliemann' Hartman
PS: What's the imperative stem of 2 John?
PPS: What are these words?!

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