Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Basics In Pattern Of Law Lyric Evaluation Fact


Covenant. Or: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective leading to new Imperative.

1--Use the imperative as part of the speech method of the covenant(s), especially as articulated by ERH.

2--Commission, that's the subjective response to the imperative.

3--The calendar(s) of a society show what she is, as a man's schedule shows what he is. Change the calendar, by psalmodically responding to the Word, and you disciple. Example: Worshiping every 7 days amens God's creating and demolishes worship of creation.

4--Join with us their voices in the triumph song. The covenant applied to the earth beneath, people, is something such as The Symphony Of History (Peace), as the scientific method is the covenant applied to the earth beneath, and the liturgy is the covenant oriented toward the Heavens Above.

[More to come]

Love in King Jesus, Chuck

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