Saturday, November 12, 2016

How I'm Avoiding 'The Good Is The Enemy Of The Great'

There are many good things to do, but ponder this: The Good Is The Enemy Of The Great.

This means that you should concentrate on the most important thing you can do, at which you would be most difficult to replace. Calling.

Since my stroke (I'm recovering well, thanks) I've had a few new, major thoughts on my calling, including that I sing initiate (singitiate) to the next era, so that those in it will meake a response in song, a responsong.

And, reading Schilder's comment, paraphrased, that the gospels are not a life history of Jesus, but a respone showing fulfillment, I as searching, as part of this calling, for the singitiation in earlier Scripture. This can be made into music, using Jordan's 'Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament'. Literarily putting the books into 22 (search Biblicval Horizons for the above) can be a musical instrument, as an initiation of 87654321 is like unto the music of 'Joy to the World,' you see.

More later.

An early fill-in-the-blanks version of a singitiation to those in the next era of human history is here:

any good money-making and life style changes are subordinate to this calling, so these goods will not be then enemy of my peculiar great, you see.

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