Friday, November 18, 2016

Railroads, Time Zones, Discipling Into Christendom

Dear Gentle Ones:

Railroads began 4 time zones (US) Nov 18, 1883--1883, who knew? The key thing is, it was those who had something to do--business--that did this?

What business do you have, do you have to do, that necessitates a big change?

Days of week to bring Axial Age into Christendom? Already, Jesus All Times, Lao-tse, Abraham, Buddha, Greek Theater, Not Yet? (See Rosenstock’s ‘Christian Future,’ and Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’.)

Retuning the retuning of Revelation 5:12-7:12? 8531642, with Biblical Eras corresponding to churches( K.O.L.Ymmm!! is tri-linguistic, I pray not a snafu). Yes, this homophone of 'yom' is 'saying' that we eat time, take it into ourselves, for time is made by speech, as the respective books eaten by Ezekiel (?) and John.

Thus: K.O.L.Ymmm!!, SardisYmmm!!, PergamosYmmm!!, EphesusYmmm!!, PhiladelphiaYmmm!!, ThyatiraYmmm!!, SmyrnaYmmm!!

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'it's time' Hartman
PS: If it's Friday, it muxt the ThyatiraYmmm!! and GreekTheaterDia. ('Dia' from Spanish and asin 'through' or should I have used 'die' or 'diem'?)
PPS: Calendars are remnants of previous social orders--cvan they be seeds of future social orders? See 'symbol stack' in my next post on 'Metropolitan' thread.

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  1. Let's do some long-term thinking ourselves. For instance, if the naming of the days of the week disempowered planets, and gods of Greece, Rome, North, what should the days of the week be named (temporarily, until victory) to disempower those formed in the Axial Age. I wrote about this and more in a Facebook Note. You can do better, surely. IF they've been disempowered--many still worship Wotan/Mercury/Money, though not by that first name, and Mars, god of War, is still with us, though not invoked.
    Thinking is thanking. Thanking is praying. Think! Pray without ceasing.
    This day, Saturday, would be 'Not Yet dies' in that schema. 'Dies' is a pun on dies, and the dies of Dies Irae. In the bigger days of the week, retuned from Sunday-Monday 41 ...52637 (Rev 5:12- 7:12 retuning at picturing of the Ascension, this is SmyrnaYmmm!!, Ymmm11 being a homophone and pun on 'yom' for we eat days, formed by speech, as John and Ezekiel ate books.