Monday, November 7, 2016

6 month stroke report summary

6 month stroke report summary
Prayer, of course, is before any numbers.
1—I’m very, very tired. Chiropractor says it’s adrenal.
2—I’m functioning well at work. I was back ½ time in a month, and full time in 2 months.
3—I’m getting improvements still.  Last week it was as if my body told me, ‘Hey, this is how your left ankle and foot is supposed to work, how it’s working now!’ And Cranial Sacral Therapy has helped. Here’s a peer-reviewed journal-published report sponsored by the U of Iowa (I believe) that includes how to do it, and reports about how CST helped people in nursing homes. I found out about it in a book by a meditator, Cranial Sacral therapist from Fairfield:

4—I can run slowly, awkwardly, for a short time.
5—My estradiol (spelling) is a little high.  This can be handled nutritionally, members of my Cure Team tell me.
6—One of my Rescue team members has resigned to help his own father, and I have a new one.
7—I paid for CRP, homocysteine, and other blood tests, and a heavy metal toxicity, and the estradiol is the only one out of normal range. All my blood tests at the hospital were in normal range too. My blood pressures don't fluctuate as much, diastolic (bottom) in low 70s, systolic (top one) 140s. I take 3 and average them. I have a record of them all.
8—It could be providential that I’ve been stopped from filling in the blanks of The Symphony Of Comprehensive History Interactive, TSOCHI (the are form of the next era), for it has allowed me to elaborate on singitiation and responsong.
9—Other things are proceeding.  My left knee is still weak.  I’m not happy that winter is coming. Domestic tranquility is still a priority.
10—I’m taking a pharmaceutical, Lisinopril, low dose.  It works. Any statins must be complemented with more, more, CoQ10. Baby aspirins seem harmless. I take a lot of supplements, and CBD Oil seems to have been very helpful. It’s an industrial hemp food product, sold in (health) food stores, NOT medical marijuana.
11—I do believe health is ultimately spiritual. I need to work on that. My experience with hospitals is that they try, but it’s tough. They got us for ‘observation,’ which has been warned about. $10K for 3 days. And my wife handles that with all my good insurances, so it was able to be handled. There’s a new world coming. ‘Patient as CEO,’ Peter Diamandis, etc.
12—I’ll probably do more business, and pay others to do some of my TCOCHI and other work.

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