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The NEW of the first week of Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House

--Feb 9 to BH ‘Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House’ thread
The NEW of the first week of Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House.
Arthur has been kind enough to respond to some of my thinking on the Boulder thread.  I will now have moved a response to this thread, after notification.
Here’s the plan.
Since Last Lord’s Day/Sunday was quinquegesima (50 days until Resurrrection/Easter) I have some time to get this coram’s (Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi) ready.
But I want to give an example of this layer of calendar that may help us bridge from this time to next time—this is like Jeremiah buying a plot of land, because Israel would return.  It would not always be Jeremiah Waiting Time.
Please remember also that this is another layer.  It is built on previous layers, starting with the ur-layer, the eternal calendar of the life of Christ and our response. We also live in a community/tribal calendar, a business/work calendar from empires, says ERH, an educational calendar from Greece, he says—and there are sports seasons, etc.
This calendar writes the 49-book Bible of JBJ’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ with, for each book, a prophecy in Jeremiah, listed in Bullinger’s Companion Bible. Coming in, at Calling,  is one of the 5 Cs of liturgy, and going out Commissioned is the 5th.  In between we have something for Cleanse, Consecrate, and Commune.  Thus, with the latter being two weeks, we have a 53.
WHAT IS OUR GOAL? Within the redemptive history, the maturity and the holy war against the devil and his angels, we’ll attempt to do as ERH’s revolutions do, and respond with new types of people, new types of speech, and new types of institutions. I’d like to call this a Oneanothering Advolutionary Revolution, and oar that moves us.
See Chapter 5 of Gardner’s ‘Beyond Belief’ or  a summary of Gardner’s summary of the revolutions of the west on chuckhartmanhistoryconductor.
We go both 1-49 and backward, after having re-retuned each tier/tiara.  These can be seen in links in comments of Better Summary, June 24, 1025 at chuckhartmanhistory conductor.
So, what elements do we have with which to work to get a new type of person, or/and a new type of speech, or/and a new type of institution?
Hebrews is the book of the first wee, when we go backward. Genesis when going forward. Summary of Psalms (all 5, book 1, book 2, book 3, book 4, book 5, all) We also have 3 types of new names for the days.
Now, ERH has taught that the Israel of Old and the New Israel conquered the astronomical/astrological empires by resting/worshiping one day in 7, since The One True God made all those things the empires worshiped in 6 days and rested on the 7th. In our culture, English/American, the geocentric order was retuned by circle of 5ths to be Sun, Moon, Mars (Tir/Tiw), Wotan (Mercury), Thor, Fria (Venus), Saturn. Thus, Revelation 5:12 to 7:12, at the Ascension (see JBJ’s Revelation audios and notes, please). Why are Wotan and Fria switched? We don’t know. 1234567 becomes 4152637, becomes 8531642.
So the first new set of names for the days retune this retuning and add new names, from the churches in Revelation, basically. Thus K.O.Lymmm!!, Sardis, Pergamos, Ephesus, Philadelphia, Thyatira, Smyrna.  The ymmm!! Is my way of saying that yes, we should read, mark, learn and inwardly digest—ymmm!!--.

The second comes from ERH’s Christian Future essay in which he discusses 4 persons, each representing one of the directions—forward, inward, back, out.  I add Greek (theater) to the out, and sandwich them between Already and Not Yet.  This is an attempt to conquer by calendar the Axial Age institution that arose during Exile.  Work needs to be done.
The third names are of the books, here 49-2.  Directions will be changed between each ‘C’ of this layer’s liturgy, and at one other place.
As one goes through these books, and names, and Psalms, something should come up.
I’ve thought of this, and I believe that a good thing would be an institution of word coining.  When new things arise, they must be named (Adam, e. g.). Adam named the animals.
An historical example of the a good new word in the work ‘Trinity’. It was coined by Tertullian.  Cochrane, in ‘Christianity and Classical Culture’ says that Rome could not handle  the problem of the one and the many, but Christianity could, because ChristianityChristendom had the doctrine of theTrinity.
Next week, we have the first 7 Psalms—depending on my re-perusal of JBJ’s work on Psalms, and at the Psalms conference, years ago—and perhaps one of the Twenty-Two, meaning 22 comments on Psalms, so that with summaries and the 144+2 Psalms, we get 182, or through the Psalms in ½ a year/coram.
We have 41-35 as new names of days, in the third instance, and we have the 75h iteration of Deuteronomy as the book (see JBJ’s article, above) and Exodus.
PREIVEW: I’m going to says that an 8th of Deuteronomy would be…Christian Court TV.

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