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Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House--Architecture

--Dear Doug Roorda:

Thanks for saying that I should read this.

I apologize.  Someone else must minister to these folds, from a JBJ-BH perspective.

I'm reminded of someothin Asimov has one of his characters say in one of the 'Foundation' books, an early one. 'Such folly smacks of genius; a lesser mind would be incapable of it'

That is, they are far down the path of the saw set at the wrong angle that a Van Til quote gets at--'If you saw is set at the wrong angle, the more you saw, the worse it gets.'

The point of discussion, as far as I got, was between feeling in architecture and idea in architecture.

Contrasting Concepts of Harmony in Architecture
Contrasting Concepts of Harmony in Architecture  
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But I'm thinking and feeling that the architecture we should be doing is building a house, because God has shown us houses, and He wants us to mature to build houses--appropriate houses.

In particular, I believe, teach, and.confess that the house of this time, one of them, is Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House.

It is somewhat in the vein of the Sunday-Monday-Tuesday... house the came from the efforts, successful in a way, of the Israel of Old and the New Israel, when confronted with an astronomical/astrological calendar.  They witnessed to The One True God (Trinity in the New Israel) by worshiping/resting one day in 7, thus saying by their respective actions that The One True God made all those gods/planets (in the broadest sense, wanderers), for he created the heavens above, the earth beneath, and the waters under the earth in 6 days and all very good, and rested on the 7th.
Caveat: Unless we rightly handle what went before, it will come back stronger.  Thus, Mercury (Wotanstag, Wednesday) can come back as gambling, wealth, good news to be wrongly deemed, and Venus (Fria, Friday) can come back as wrongly 'loving,' etc.

What I propose is another layer, for we are in the layer of the social orders, respectively, of tribes with community celebrations, of empires with business marketing and production schedules and workdays, of the eternal calendar of Jesus Christ, his life, and our response with various aspects of a church year, of Greek education with semesters, etc.

This layer, the Jeremiah Waiting Calendar House takes off from two things JBJ has done/said.  1--That we are in Jeremiah Time (at a conference), and that we wait (end of Through New Eyes).  And more, see Revelation 5:12 and 7:12, retuning the universe at Ascension. Revelation commentary.

So, we write the 49-book Bible onto the year.  We add the 49 prophecies that Bullinger's Companion Bible lists from Jeremiah.  That's a start.

We could add Psalms, 144 +2 = 146, and 22 of what I called years ago, Big Selahs (must be changed), = 168, with that part of Psalm 119 and the particular book of the 22, and the alphabet letter-word. To 168 add 2 weeks, 14 days of structural work, = 182, or 1/2 a year.

3 weeks are for 3 big celebrations, some aspect of quickening with Nativity, Resurrection, and 50.

(I have 53 weeks in my coram--celebration of resurrection anno mundi. Adjustments can be made)

The Heidelberg has 52, so maybe that's a third layer in this Layer.

I start at Resurrection, though, and I have 3 types of new names for days. Retuning the retuning, Axial Age institutions sandwiched between Already and Not yet, and I run through the books of the 49-book Bible 7 times, in different orders.


It's the mature thing, the sane thing (Sing A New Era!).  As one goes through these, 3 types might emerge, similar to what ERH sees in theRevolutions of the West--new types of persons, new types of speech, new institutions.  (49 x 3) plus Big Six =153, as fish in an early structure, you see.

Were my ship to come in, I'd hire someone to do this.

Remember, it's another layer, not a replacement. It's maturity.

That's what can be done toward peace, toward the next 1000 years--however long that is. ERH speaks of this in the latter lectures of Universal History 1954.

Love in King Jesus,

Charlie 'a new thread too' Hartman


  1. I wish you would have a great big ship come in!
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    Charles Howard Hartman
    Charles Howard Hartman Thanks, Charles Brian Moore, and Doug Roorda. This might be part of the most important thing I can do at which I'd be most difficult to replace. I did a little work on it last year/coram at Building A Christian Civilization BookBlock By BookBlock
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    Charles Howard Hartman
    Charles Howard Hartman This leads to the plot of land that Jeremiah bought in expectation of return. Jeremiah 32: 1-15, especially 9, and very especially 15

    Charlie 'Cash' Hartman

  2. Last year I found that 1--We need to do more work on rhetoric, if Philemon is the 7th iteration (glory) of Joshua (conquest) [Robinson], and 2--There's much retuning, since The Twelve (minor prophets) are not in chronological order, and neither, per Bullinger, are the epistles. See Jordan on Rev. 5:12-7:12, picturing the Ascension, which shows, the changes, that the order of Jesus' attributes before and after is circle of 5th, a la 'planets' in names of days, it's sung, there is musical accompaniment, etc.