Saturday, April 28, 2012

Q. ‘The 12?’ A. ‘5 years of first lens in our Jubilee of Members!’

Q. ‘The 12?’ A. ‘5 years of first lens in our Jubilee of Members!’

This is a snippet of a conversation.

‘Q’ wants to know how much ‘A’ knows about The Twelve, the 12 minor prophets, considered as one book.

The Jubilee of Members is a way to be a vessel, as a congregation, and a way to be individual vessels.

When the pastor’s wave goes out, his voice, his light, in a sermon, each of 49 persons in the congregation ‘plays’ one of the 49 books in the Bible that results from putting the wisdom from Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’ into a 7x7 grid.

The responsibility of each is to hear/hearken the wave and to see it through the lens of one particular book.

Comments are made, and applications suggested.  Comments are each under a page. These are collected and distributed to congregation, to visitors, on the congregation’s website, etc.

This is one anothering.  This is being vessels, like unto those in Daniel 5, that judge.

The essay written above is an articulation of Pastor Burke Shade’s exhortation to ‘be vessels.’ (Pastor Shade is not responsible for this articulation)

3 more notes for this 4b of Covenant Chrestomathy. (Written April 28, for 1st Thessalonians, starting April 29.

1—This tour through the Calendar(s) of Peace is producing such good results that, Lord willing, next year, I will be attempting a solo of The Symphony  of (Peace) History, one that lasts all year.

2—The above short Jubilee of Members in Battle Vessel Formation will be lengthened and applied. 1-49 and 49-2 versions available on request, and included in the version sent to email list recipients.

3—I will be doing more with sevens (and other numbers) in all cultures, for rhyming.

Love in King Jesus,


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