Wednesday, April 4, 2012


RE: Sunday Schools meeting an hour a week vs. 5 school days a week of Humanistic teaching.

[Oh, and wisdom is information plus imperative}

Dr. Day had a neat history, in which she listed various competitors. Among them were schools, television, video games, social networks. But a key move recently is the growth of free online education, such as Khan Academy, MIT having all its courses online free, Pocket College, etc . One key would seem to be exhortation by ordained ones during the joining of Heaven and Earth during the typological all-in-all structure of Revelationary (I like that! I just made it up!) service of Gottesdienst worship in the Lord's Day 'hour'.

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  1. You see, the Pastor has died for us (hands laid on, as sacrifice, in ordination, and thus has the imperative, under the Word Made Flesh. He is to Feed, Instruct, and Guard.