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A Covenant Chrestomathy53--For Records


Titled on BH: A Covenant Chrestomathy--1 of 53

Show me a man’s schedule, I’ll tell you who he is.
Show me a society’s calendars, I’ll tell you what she is.

Peace. Another layer of calendar can help.

How? Here’s an example from the past.

A wise one says that worship every 7 days conquered empires.

How? The One True God Who made all things in 6 days, and rested on the 7th, MADE those star-objects worshiped by empires, and is above them.

What now? We’ve matured, have bigger challenges.

Can an echo of 7 help toward peace?

There are options.

A good one seems to be based on JBJ’s 49-book Bible. It fits nicely into an Easter to Easter coram—Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. [Yes, a trans-lingual acronym].

Add four holiday weeks, mountains in time, and you have 53.

I’ll be writing one thing a week about it, following this calendar of 7 x7.

This week is Hebrews week*.

God wrote books. What are the themes of these books, and can the themes be put into a covenant/liturgical sequence, so that one is in covenant in another layer, in another way, for the 7 weeks?

Hebrews fits with Call, for since Jesus Christ is greater than Moses, Aaron, the prophets, and angels, and has inaugurated the new creation, we should come into the new creation.

But what about the next 6: Titus, 1st Timothy, 1st Thessalonians, Philemon, 2nd Thessalonians?

I don’t know.

This whole thing is like the worshiping every 7 days of the Israel of Old and the New Israel. We do it, GodTrinity blesses us—sometimes with chastisement.

More later. The whole 53 schedule will be out soon. It will include new speech, new persons, new institutions, but especially it will include a 4-fold process akin to JBJ’s ‘Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact’ from ‘Crisis, Opportunity and the Christian Future. These will each, these 4, be rhymed into the calendar, for the CORAM [Calendar=Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi] is the coram.

I pray that what will be produced is a new layer of social order in history, toward peace. A help toward the better conducting. Not a substitute. Keep your community celebrations of tribes, your business and work schedules of empires, your eternal calendar of Israel of the Life of Christ and Our Response, your educational calendars of Greece.

What might providentially emerge would be akin to the scientific community, the Christian State, the university. It could fit into JBJ’s progression of The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit in history—and moreso were I to relate something to that progression in the Ten Words.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: *Yes, I ‘retune’ the order of the books, psalmodically responding to JBJ’s note of the retuning from Revelation 5:12 to Revelation 7:12. Tuned empathy, saturation intuition (Howard Bloom: The Genius of the Beast). And I call the ‘week’ ‘sheba’—7, oath.
PPS: No, I don’t know what I’m talking about. It will depend on readers who have the right aesthetic distance to know it.

1 A Covenant Chrestomathy—1 of 53
2 In Search of a Name, and 7 seasons of 7 (Comprehensive Beauty and chiasm), this House Of Singing Times—for next 1000 years, however long that is. Rhyme Covenant Sequences, ERH’s ‘Carmen Humanem’ and Blooming, Buzzing Confusion = Concert
3 The Song of the Twelve, People as Notes/As John is a Tour of Tabernacle
4 Covenant as HoliWeeks, Arightnaming the days
5Cultivating Surprise, Stapledon, 3170, Herovolution
6 Blooming, Buzzing Confusion: Another name needed, paisley? Paisleychaosconcert?
7 Pentecost to Public Vindication
8 The Second 7: Did I say we went forward and backward, the forward 49
9 Psalm O Day
10 The Pella Square
11 Public Vindication
12 MaeDay80, Cleansing and Conferences
13 Rosetta Stone of Time: Let’s Learn To Cept and Prehend Communication from Future: Symbol and Dream?
14 Chrematistics, Currency from Death. It’s Pneumatology, ‘became a life-giving Spirit’
15 Lectionary Chronological Historical
16 The Covenant of the Third 7
17 Psalm O Day
18 Godparents for Eldsters: ThyatiraBmoY!, First Peter (ThyatiraYMMM!)
19 The 3 Mountains (Ranges?) in Time: PV, TBOTMOFA, TC. A Larger Liturgy
20 Battle Formation of Warriors of Light
21 T.h.e. Symphony of (Peace) History, 1. Toward Beautifying The Garden/People: T.h.e. =Typological Hospitality Evangelism
22 The Symphony of (Peace) History, 2: Toward A New Song
23 The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (TBOTMOFA)
24 Fourth 7, and TSO(P)H, 3—Remember Herovolution and Backward and Forward, and that the garments of the High Priest were inside-out of the Tabernacle: H.E.R.O. = He Explicitly Reconciles Opposites
25 TSO(P)H, 4—Toward An Art Form Of The Next Era: Heavens, Waters, Earth
26 Summary of Gardner on Revolutions and Complete Cross of Reality
27 From games as first philosophy (Avalanche and OneBall), and Sermon Effectiveness Maximizer—marketing as mohar metathesized
28 Who will claim (year in LCH for this sheba): ‘Greater Things’: Land was created by His speech, and time—and we can claim time (A Christian Era) by echoing and psalmodically responding in application of His speech, era/ear
29 Forty-nines/49s of medicine
30 Deep Peace of Society = A Society that is Deep Peace: Rhyming Covenant Sequences
31 Fifth Tiara (!) of 7
32 Prayer O Day
33 Example of using this for daily know/do/be
34 Toward 12—these are not the end, because they are 7s? 7 and circle of 5ths = a 12. +. A 15 is that we are in the 3rd week.
35 Totus Christus 1 PV might have forestalled ‘full preterism’
36 Totus Christus 2 Not panentheism
37 One-Few-Man-All
38 Fall of Rome, Organize Land, Skills (unto Peace in 12th C.—Berman), Markets, Missions, Gifts…?
39 4th HOST, 5th GFE, 9th TSO(P)H
40 Sixth 7
41 Yes, this is in anticipation of death/calamity: moY!
42 First Thesis of 95, Garard, Pella, 10th Celebration
43 If Chiasm, Great Day is Judgment, PV in Middle is a Death, and How Creation=Death?
44 EAT 1 of PergamosCoram861—may change next coram/year: Eliot
45 EAT 2 of PergamosCoram861—may change next coram/year: Anselm
46 EAT 3 of PergamosCoram861—may change next coram/year: Time, echoing speech
47 Seventh 7
48 One is All, One Anothering You Get Yours. Phenomenology. Comprehensive Beauty: CB>A
49 App for TSOH, in covenant/prayer all day, week/sheba, +
50 So far, GFE, some kind of Transhumanism/Stasis, analogs to Knights Hospitaler and more
53 Me, I, We, They

To add to 1—Sheffer Stroke shows how developed, and ‘Both not both…’ haiku
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For 49 of medicine—sides: 7 virtues, 7 of light from cells, calling, church, marriage, civil government, society, all creation. Bottom: chakras, Myss Roman sacraments. Work in Progress
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