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Covenant Chrestomathy 4a: What is a layer of social order in history

(Long) Covenant Chrestomathy 4a: What is a layer of social order in history?  1 Thessalonians

Examples of layers of social order in history include the following.

JBJ, from ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ – Tribes, Nations, Cosmopolitan, [X], Church, Christian State, University. (These seem to be parallel, after [X]—Jesus,  and in a large sense echo The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Ghost.)

Rosenstock-Huessy, ‘Universal History 1954,’ – Tribes, Empires, Israel, Greece, [X], Church, State (national revolutions), Our Challenge: Sociology (Greece always a companion, never an order). After [X]—Jesus/He Who Reversed The Trend, these are chiastic.  The Church is Israel without exclusiveness.  The State is Empires without slavery, and Our Challenge, Sociology, is to have the benefits of the Tribes, small, enthusiastic groups, without the perpetual warfare of the tribes.

Two background situations. 1—Any new technology increases spatial reach, decreases the time it takes to get things done, but destroys old groups.  2—5th generation warfare, nets and jest.  In 5th generation warfare, smaller and smaller groups can do more and more damage. Biowar spread world-wide by jet planes is an example.

How can a small group best help produce peace, the explicit reconciliation of opposites?

Here we get back to ‘what is a (next) layer of social order in history?  Are there examples?

ERH maintains that the previous social orders remain with us in calendars. (CH: Thus we are given more to handle as we mature). Tribes have community celebration calendars,  Empire have business and work schedules. [Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll show you what he is.  Show me a society’s calendars and I’ll tell you who she is]. Israel remains in the eternal calendar (ERH) of the life of Christ and our response. (CH: Our response can be articulated better). Greece remains in educational schedules and calendars—semesters, class schedules, etc.

Now, the key question.  How to make a calendar of peace, especially in light of JBJ’s admonition in ‘Through New Eyes’ that we should not play God.

Answer: By psalmodic response to the Word and to history.  Historically, things advance, per COATF via Law-Lyric-Evaluation-Fact, unto New Torah.  ERH puts it is terms of speech: Imperative, Subjective, Narrative, Objective unto Planetary Service.*

Psalmodic response is legitimate.

The model is the theory that be worshiping every 7 days, Israel of Old and the New Israel, the Church, both by this action said/confessed that The One True God/Trinity, made all the gods that the empires worshiped, stars, planetary objects, etc. in 6 days and rested on the 7th, and thus The One True God Trinity is over all those that He made, and that the empires falsely worshiped, misunderstandlingly.

And over time, this 7ness resulted in Christian institutions, for Transcendance is the first point (or ‘pont’/bridge).

The 4th part of this covenant sequence (calendar) is being used to reverse engineer peace, for most calendars  articulate significant historical events (once, for the first time).  This HOST does it backward.  First calendar, then significant events and institutions toward peace.**

In The Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar many covenants are presented, rhymingly, in rhythm.  This is a t.h.e., typological.hospitality.evangelism. It helps us cope with the blooming, buzzing confusion of our lives.  It’s a concert from chaos, seeming chaos. Life is a chaos concert.

SUMMARY: This is preparatory for the 4th week of 53, 1st Thessalonians, which starts April 29. It explains how and why the search for a next layer of social order in history—toward peace—which does NOT replace other orders, but helps in the present situation.
Previous entries are touched upon, and a reference is made to a retuned renaming of days. (Psalm 90:12 may obliquely apply). I am teaching a language by chrestomathy. I may be far beyond the recounting from rich Bledsoe: the neurotic who builds a fantasy house, a psychotic who moves in, and a psychiatrist who collets rent on both.
WHAT SHOULD BE DONE?  Start by trying out the new names? Email me for a set of the 49s, the 7x7 grids, that I use.  Read the next entry, 4b, coming soon:  

This is Friday, or as I rename and retune per the present (coram) social firmament (Eph. 2:6, ‘we’ being the glorified churches in Revelation (!?)), Friday is ThyatiraBmoY!, or ThyatiraYMMM!-- (Posted February 13, A. D. 2011)

*Hartman’s 4 are: Imperative—Comprehensive Beauty, Subjective—The Pella Square (claimed to be the community discipling analog to individual evangelism via The Romans Road and/or The Four Spiritual Truths), Narrative—The Symphony Of (Peace) History (now also chiastically working unto A New Song as chiastic to Speech of Exnihilation?!), Objective—House Of Singing Times/Jordan 49 Jubilee Calendar. This latter is what I am traveling through, and it is producing, via tuned empathy and saturated intuition in this young one, the Covenant Chrestomathy essays—53.

**This is aided by The Rosetta Stone of Time. The theory is that God is everyWHEN, and communicates with us from everyWHEN.  We are ‘in Christ,’ right?  The Holy Spirit lives in us, right? But we don’t know the language from the future as well as we do that from the past and present, but since we have the other two, we can decipher the third, as was done with The Rosetta Stone from Egypt.

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