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Naming The Days In A Rightimely Way For Our Era

Naming the days in a rightimely way for our era
by Charles Howard Hartman on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 2:57am

1. Days, Knights, and Eras.

1a. Retuning names of days of week to avoid practicing astrology.

1b. Rhyming the covenant sequence creating knights to help acting according to the 5th Word.

1c. Ensampling the LectionaryHistorical from A. D. 70 to present to make a platform for covenantal sequences being tied together.

1a, again. A wise one has said that the Israel of Old and the New Israel conquered the empires based on astronomy/astrology by worshipping every 7th day. This amen said that The True God made the heavens above, the earth beneath, and the waters under the earth, and all that in them is, in 6 days and all very good. The True God made that on which you base your religion (and thus your empire).

We should do something similar, showing the true firmament and true causation.

Let’s start with the names of the days of the week*.

The names of the days presently used in America are a retuning of the sequence 1234567, by a ‘circle of fifths’ method, adding the names of planets/gods of planets. We can do better, by psalmodically responding to the retuning by re-retuning, and by using other principles of the retuning shown at the Ascension, Rev. 5:12-7:12.

In the series of attributes of Jesus in Rev. 7:12, compared to 5:12 there is a retuning, and a particularizing, and are instruments added to voices. See Jordan’s commentary, available from Biblical Horizons, and

This would be similar to the geocentric order (distance from the earth in any direction) of the planets being retuned by a circle of 5ths method from 1-Moon, 2—Venus, 3—Mercury, 4—Sun, 5—Mars, 6—Jupiter, 7—Saturn.

1234567 becomes 4152637. [The 2 and 3 will possibly be explained later. It could be speed, it could be that Day 2 of Creation was not pronounced good until after Day 3, thus tying them together. This is left for later, the principle is clear. It may be ‘fuzzy logic’.]

Start with the last in the series 1234567, and count five, thus 71234.

4 is the first in the next series. Sun—day.

From 4, go 45671, to get the second in the series, Moon-day.

From 1, go five, 12345, Mars-day, or Tiw or Tir in German equivalent, thus Tues-day.

Continue on.

Thus, with each BIG DAY, such as Ascension, there is a retuning, plus. (The aforementioned change to an individual ‘the’ in front of each attribute, and the instruments, perhaps.)

HERE’S THE QUESTION: What about Pentecost, what about A. D. 70—are they BIG DAYS? If so, what changes should be made to get us to names that would name the firmament (the stars/planets are a firmament) aright, and in the right for the time in which we are? Rightimely.

Well, 4152637 becomes 2461357. By a series of moves, I propose that the rightimely names would be flipped, for we are they who have turned the world upside down, and we would get 7531642. [This works out well in some calendrical uses, having 2 as the last, for as we are imago Christi, we do must accomplish our exodus (sic, Gr.), and so the list of the first 7 books, re-retuned, ends in Exodus.

But, to be rightimely, we must name the firmament aright, and the firmament is now, after A. D. 70, Christ and His Church, or better, churches, as in Revelation, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.

But the letters were written to warn the Great Church, Jersualem. [The churches symbolically represent 7 eras in the Bible, and are applicable to our ages, since our ages will be in convenant sequences, and our ages are the application/working out of the Bible, the total definitive revelation.]

Two more things to go. Laodicea is changed to Kol, an acronym for ‘kol’—what God did from Sinai, Octave (the 8th), and Laodicea.

That’s one.

The second thing to do is to symbolically say, show in the Language, Symbol, that causation is from the future also. That the past and present cause the future is untrue. The present is caused by the past and the future.

Thus, the first day of the sheba/week is KolBmoY. ‘moY’ is ‘yom’ or Hebrew for ‘day,’ backward. Pronounced ‘coal yummm’ Yes, we consume/eat time. The same that breathed life into Adam spoke the Days.

‘B’ is the first letter of the Bible, Beth, the house we live in at present, amending the Bible, that starts with B. [I’ve claimed that the words of the letters of the first word of the Bible is a liturgy, forms of speech being added. House! [Command] We Bow to the Head and Listen [Subjective response]. We Eat, the life and death narrative. We carry our Cross, going out. B-R-Sh-T.]

So, the days of the rightimely sheba/week are: KolBmoY, SardisBmoy, PergamosBmoY, EphesusBmoY, PhiladelphiaBmoy, ThyatiraBmoY, SmyrnaBmoY.

Kol, yumm! Sardis, yumm! Pergamos, yumm! Ephesus, yumm! Philadelphia, yumm! Thyatira, yumm! Smyrna, yumm!

Psalm 34:8.

The ears of the Bible related to the 7 churches: Garden, Prison, Wilderness, Kingdom, Exile, Restoration, Jesus’ Day. Or: Jesus’ Day, Exile, Wilderness, Garden, Restoration, Kingdom, Prison. Or, Judges, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Genesis, Joshua, Numbers, Exodus. [In HouseOfSingingTimes, various sequences are shown, of various lengths and orders.]

So on what now is named Sunday/The Lord’s Day, we are given the ‘whole’, on wnin Monday we pray and act according to the wisdom of the Exile Era—Abram-Moses. Wnin Tuesday: Wilderness. Wnin Wednesday: Garden. Wnin Thursday: Restoration. Wnin Friday: Kingdom. Wnin Saturday: Prison.

This is a liturgy. We come into the whole, representatively. We confess our sins, that we have been in the wilderness. We are restored, and restored. The Kingdom is ours, and we are to go to those in prison?

Thus we show the rigttimely true heavenly and earthly situation, as we have done in the past by worshipping every 7 days. We also make it such that people will ask us questions, so we can be 1 Peter 3: 15, ready always to give an answer—and we’ll be provoking questions.

Much more remains to be done. Note that Kol includes an 8th, thus Earth, and thus amending that Christ rose on the 8th Day.

*or better, sheba—7, oath. We make the week a covenant sequence.

With meekness and fear,

Chuck Hartman (Charles Howard Hartman on Facebook,
PS: 1b and 1c to come later.
PPS: Great power flows into the field of time at the death of a man. Echoing that, to work from the end to now should give great power, thus ‘moY’. Christians live backwards, some say, from/in the light of the Great Day.
PPS: Exclamation points may be added at any point, for a name is an imperative.

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