Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Fulfilling of the Law is Love

Since love is the fulfilling of the law, then the fulfilling of the law is love. In other words, the Hebrew Scriptures are GOOD and we should apply them psalmodically in the new situation. Let's take theft. Many times it could be paid off (to make the stolen-from whole) by 2x and much or 4x. Why then do we put people in prison? Where is a kinsman (we are all brothers, right?) who will pay the 4x, and then let the thief work out the payment over time, training him.

Give me other examples, and I'll give you more application. And if I can't, it's time for the Church as a whole to have committees of correspondence that share wisdom that had been applied when people have come to Her for help.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: In other words, God is good, and gave us these things for our own benefit. Satan says otherwise now, as he did in the Garden. The Law/Torah was meant to make us all whole, and Jesus fulfilled ALL of them, perfectly, righteously, and now we are to apply such as we each carry our respective crosses. But we don’t study Torah reverently. Should we not copy out our own Torah, since we are kings in The King?

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