Thursday, February 17, 2011

Start of Accepting Responsibility To Steward With Christ

A Page A Day 2: Two Key Quotes, Two Symbols, Update

Symbol 1: When the calendar for the year is a 7x7grid, that says something in Symbol, the Language, about Jubilee, that Jesus fulfilled in their ears, Luke 4.

Symbol 2: When the days of the week are named after the social firmament, Ephesians 2:6, that says something in Symbol, the Language, that differs from days of the week named after gods/planets of the natural solar system, Genesis 1:16.

Update: To show the tuning and retuning of the universe, have 3 sets of sequences for the week, each one shedding ‘light’ on the sermon topic. 1-7 would be Days of Creation, and attributes of Jesus in Revelation 5-12, before the Ascension is pictured. The second set would be these attributes ‘retuned’ into a different order, with the present days of the week (English: Sunday, Monday, etc.) and the gods/planets. The third set would be this 4152637 retuned to ‘8’531642, with the days named after eras of the Bible—the one in the place of Sunday has 3 components including the future. An example of the latter is at the end of yesterday’s note.

[A list of future APADs will be tomorrow]

Quote 1 from Rosenstock-Huessy (some free books of his online at
If you
ever in your life had a bright idea, or a new instinct, or a
new change of heart,
Sir, make this the cornerstone of your understanding
of the universe and you
will understand that the universe begins with creation. And
it ends in incarnation, because that's the experience of every potent and creative
man in the world.
But you look outside and try to deduce by your little brain,
not by your experience of your heart how the world begins, and how it should be
run. You'll never
solve it, gentlemen. You'll remain a selfish, inarticulate
animal. If the spirit moves
you, you will see how simple
things are, gentlemen. Love begins, and hope
keeps you going, and faith. And in the end, your grandchildren
will bless you.

Quote 2: This from Clint Gardner’s page on ERH, here: (Were Clint to upload Chapter 5 of Beyond Belief, we would know more about the structure of the revolutions of the West.)

"The history of the human race is written on a single theme: How does love become stronger than death? The composition is recomposed in each generation by those whose love overcomes murdering or dying. So history becomes a great song, Augustine's Carmen Humanum. As often as the lines rhyme, love has once again become stronger than death. This rhyming, this connecting, is men's function on earth. But that this is our function we have only known since the birth of Christ." - Sociology II, p. 759

[This is the seed of the first part of my 5-point covenant life work, the Transcendent. Hierarchy is Lectionary Historical, Ethics is The Symphony of Peace/History, Oaths and Sanctions: House Of Singing Times-CalendarHOST, Succession is M’aidezMayDayMaeDay80 and the Discipling Heuristic Memory Palace that has grown from working it.]

Thursday, Feb 17, A. D. 2011. PhiladelphiaBmoY, EliotAnselmTime1, Season of Pure in Heart and Woe, KolCoram861


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