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Mini Sermon Effectiveness Maximizer for Congregation Members

Mini-JBJ Sermon Effectiveness Maximizer For Congregation Members

We start with responding to the spirit, Spirit, essence, gist of the sermon (series). Here we have Psalms of Ascent.

there are 7 days in the week. We want each member to be 'in covenant,' multi-perspectivally, with the whole Bible, understanding and applying.

There are 3 'melodies,' one could call them.


We start with the heptamerous chiasm of Creation. It reververberates through the Bible. We could add Bull's CDATMCG, etc. Creation, Division, Ascension (!), Testing, Maturation, Conquest, Glorification.

This prevails until the Ascension (!) is pictured, Rev. 5:12-7:12. From the former to the latter there is a retuning in a was reminiscent of circle of fifths, but not quite, JBJ says, plus instruments are added and 'ho' is before each quality of Jesus. This is how we got our days of the week, I think JBJ said?

1234567 becomes 4152637. Sun is 4th from earth, moon is first, etc. 2 and 3, Mercury and Venus are switched. JBJ is thinking speed has something to do with it, I'm thinking 'good' is not pronounced on Day 2 until Day 3 could be in effect.

So now we have the creation 7-fold sequence and our present days of the week. Sun fits in well, for it will come with healing in its wings, other things, defnintively, we are not 'under,' but we need to remember them. JBJ has said (this is a mini-JBJ) that the whole old covenant (or testament?) was under the the moon.

Then I take the odd path of psalmodically responding to the retuning--one would ring changes on clothing and attributes etc., but JBJ again says that the qualities/clothing we see on Jesus at the beginning are on the Bride at the end, and in Him all things cohere, and other hints indicate that we can say we are under a new, newer than SundayMonday..., 4152637.

I retune and flip, for we are the ones who have turned the world upside down, and see Magnificat.

End up with 8531642, with is nice, for 2 is Exodus in the first 7 books, and we must carry our cross, and Jesus says he is going to Jerusalem to accomplish his 'decease,' or 'exodos' in Greek.

And, as there are 3 changes from 1234567 yo 4152637 (tuning, 'ho,' and instruments) and since we have two more BIG DAys, Pentecost and A. D. 70, I have named these new days after the churches in Revelation, as typological, since they are symbolically showing the eras of the Bible.

[Some stuff is too odd for now].

'8' really represents more, for it is the 12Day (The Great Day, Last Judgment) coming to us from God's future, plus the Octave (the 8th Day, Resurrection of Jesus) and 7 Laodicea, all put together.

So on this Wednesday, we had a chord with Pergamos (853...) and with the Third Day.

What I've come to by working through this is Ascents/Songs, and Songs/Ascents.

The 7 eras are differently expressed in 'Crisis, Opportunity...' and 'A Brief Reader's Guide'. For our purposes, Garden (To Abraham), Prison (To Moses), Wilderness (to David), Kingdom (to Elijah?), Remnant and Exile (to Rebuilding), World Mission, and Jesus' Day.

So Wilderness/Pergamos, 3rd Day, and WotansTag (Mercury) are the notes of the cord of the mini-JBJ.

More later. I have two Peterson books now, they just came today.

Love in King Jesus,


This is part one of the linguistic method I mentioned, in which one learns the conjugations by being given the changed element in the sentence, and having to supply the proper corresponding verb, for instance.

'I go' is given. Yo voy, in Spanish.
You is the new element. In English, 'go,' in Spanish 'va'. Etc.

So, if ERH is right and the first 1000 years was such that all important things happened in the church, I have responded to that by saying that the liturgy was the application of the covenant to the heavens above.

Then the next 1000 COULD be characterized as the covenant applied to the waters under the earth, the scientific method. Newton sees (or is hit by) the apple, bringing him into a new situation. He confesses that he cannot now understand it, but is reasurred that he can later. He hears from the books--previous research, the book of nature. The hypothesis is tested in a sample (related to communion?) and then the theory is taken out.

I call the covenant applied to the earth beneath (people, made of dust) allelonode (all, lay, loan, oh, day) for one anothering song. Compare to catechism. It's an additional layer.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: My Greek is surely deficient. I just used Blue Letter Bible cut and paste. It's a PICTOR: Proleptic Interactive Covenantal Typological One-Anothering Recapitulation.

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