Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pella Re-Covenanted?


I had proposed that we do an Acts 7, or other such Biblical process whereby history is recapitulated so as to bring us to what we should do now, namely, since we started as a covenant unit with the emigration, and since history has driven us to a breakup of that because technology increases the space over which we can operate, decreases the time it takes to do things, and breaks up the old community, that we were in crisis, resolvable by re-covenanting in a more glorious way, as the Temple was more glorious than the Tabernacle.

One wise one asked: One possible outcome: as you've talked about technology reducing distance and breaking down old communities - will Pella /be/ recovenanted? or is the town of 10,000 too small now.

But that's just an offhand question.

Maybe it's a recovenanted Pella of those who are 'Pella at heart'

We could be small, yet large. An example. Typological. We have advantages in that we were covenanted to begin with. (What was the Scholte covenant?). So we could re-covenant, as you say (and please give me 25 words or so on that, that could be expanded?) and export this all around, as we help missionaries, etc. The covenant and the process of the memory palace history square is what we would teach.. Love in King Jesus, Chuck Pella at heart, then would be covenantal. Transitions Towns is a way this is happening, locally. And the breakdown of organizations such as the Soviet Union and these USA.

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