Friday, February 4, 2011

Let Us Now Catechize


Benefit: No Hartman children in home, adopt Pella. This liability is unto we would lead.
Benefit: Paradigm for discipling any community.
Benefit: Consummation greater than creation.
Benefit: Memory Palace, so we/they/all remember—strongly.
Benefit: Some improvement each year. [1750 @ 2%/year = great Western prosperity].
Benefit: Proven over 5 years on micro-scale.
Benefit: Be what you are, Christian community! Community ‘writes’ it. Tulip Time.
Benefit: Psalmodic response. Get the spirit of first, glorify it by applying as in Psalm 1:1.
Benefit: This shows the advantage of Covenant Renewal Worship, for we are applying the covenant structure to a community over a long time, once per year, so as to transform it as we are transformed by CRW.

From Pella Books, east. At SW corner of Square, start Guilt Street. At SE corner, north onto Grace Street. At NE corner, turn west onto Gratitude Street. At NW corner, turn south onto GoForth+ Street (hat tip:JH). End at Pregnancy Center, crossing SW corner.

This is a Memory Palace. As we go along spatially, we remember. What do we remember? Structure of covenant(s).

Big Idea Applied: Pella started in covenant. [What was it?] Over time, and as a response, Pella has changed. But the starting covenant can be glorified, made more, were we to understand and apply history. Any new technology increases the space over which one can act, decreases the time it takes to effect change, and destroys the old group.

Test: Put the parts of our CRW onto this square. It would ‘rhyme’ differently. We are called in the space between Pella Books and SW corner, Guilt is handled on Guilt Street, but the Grace part (word and sacrament) would occupy, it seems to me {Proverbs 18:17] the complete next two blocks, so that Gratitude and GoForth+ Street overlap.

Once one has gone through the transforming CRW structure, a fact is done, and this fact leads to the new Torah, command. We can tell this new command. Jordan: Law, Lyric, Evaluation, Fact. ERH too.

What threads would run along this history square, this memory palace. Community, Business, Religion, Education. Both locally and as the ‘outside’ impacted Pella. We need @ 7 turning points for each. It could be a cooperative effort.

This can be a paradigm for discipling any community, for our history space/memory palace is nested into larger ones, as Russian dolls are nested, and the Big One is from Creation to Consummation. These USA, Western Civilization, Christendom….
Next Step: Souvenir History of Pella. What 7?
Has been done with eldercare, producing one per year, over 5 years. Rescue Team, Cure Team, Godparents for Eldsters, Knights Of Helping Elderly Neighbors, and this expansion, in ‘He’/HEY! Year of Psalmodic Response. More elsewhere.

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  1. [What I need now is the 7 key events in both creation and Pella, in these respective 4 areas: Religion, Community, Education, Business—since the move to Pella @ 1846. Maybe USA too?]