Thursday, January 27, 2011

Start Your Own YouTube Channel--10 FREE Videos

Start Your Own YouTube Video Channel -- Free! I'll Show You How -- Free!
Gary North
Actually, I won't show you how. I hired one of the nation's leading experts in on-line video production to show me how in 20 short lessons. I am posting them for everyone.

A YouTube channel lets you post all of your videos in one location. A person can visit your channel and see every video that you want on your channel. If he likes what he sees, he can subscribe. Every time you post a new video, he is notified.

You can divide your channel into playlists. A playlist is a single topic. Someone interested in just one topic on your channel can find it rapidly. This increases its value to him.

You can embed the videos on your Website. That is what I have done with this department. You can view the videos, one by one, in each lesson. You never leave this site.

At the end of each video, promote your Website. You will see that I promote This takes the viewer to the department on this site: Video Channel Profits. You may even want to put the URL in the lower left-hand side of the screen. Then post the entire series on your site. People will know where to find you.

Google owns YouTube. It places YouTube videos high on its page searches. This gives you another opportunity for people to find you and your site.

You can link the videos on your channel. A person sees one. He can see the others merely by clicking, one by one. This is great for instructional videos.

These instructional videos are short and to the point. You can view them in well under an hour. Five minutes later, you can have your own YouTube channel.

Don't. Wait. Think about what you will use it for. Then think about what to call it.

If you want to use your name, fine . . . if the name is available. Bob Smith isn't.

Maybe you want to lock in a topic. You can, if the name isn't already in use.

Here are the first five tutorials. I will add more each day until all 20 are posted. (#6 has a problem. I'll have to skip it for now.)

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