Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Hartman Code': From My APAD (A Page A Day)

Hartman Code.

1--Derived from LISTENING to JBJ, ERH, Jay Abraham and more. The ear gate is much more powerful than the eye gate.
2--Patterns to patterns. (Kurzweil is a 'patternist'). This applies to Rhyming Covenant Sequences.
3--JBJ' dynamics, per Leithart in Constantine: Maturity, Redemptive History, Holy War.
4--Calendars and Holidays and Ritual.
5—It’s Early Days.
6--Above the angels, in Christ. Eph. 2:6.
7--My view is that psalmodic response is the ultimate theological dynamic (JBJ: ‘Church Music in Chaos’). That is, we need to find the gist/essence/spirit of what God commanded in that situation, to find out how to apply His Word in a new situation. This is similar to the three couplets in Psalm 1:1: walketh, counsel of the ungodly; standeth, way of sinners; seated, seat of scornful. They all have the same gist/essence/spirit, but are applied differently in new situations, as God wants us to do.

So, 'without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins' could be the gist, and sacrificial animals the way this was shown before Jesus, and we remind God the Jesus shed His blood for us in the Lord's Supper?

(Leithart's book on Constantine holds that the baptism of Rome was Constantine's ending of animal sacrifices [and gladiatorial games]).
8--Surely others see me better than I myself. Proverbs 18:17.
9—1st/Transcendent: Rhyming Covenant Sequences (30 in the Calendar). 2nd/Hierarchy: Lectionary Historical., both Core History of Humanity’s Childhood and additional examples such as America 500 years before now and 500 years after now. 3rd/Ethics: The Symphony of Peace/History, as art form of next era (compare scientific method for last 1000 years-TSP/H a new layer as covenant applied to Earth Beneath--people. SciMeth: Water Under, Liturgy: Heavens Above). 4th/Oaths and Sanctions: SuperCalendarHOST—Houe Of Singing Times. 5th/Succession: M’aidezMaydayMaeDay80, now developed into Memory Palace Discipling of Communities.

Love in King Jesus,


Dear ____: You wrote '...unraveling the Hartman Code; that seems to be more where my gifts lie.'

I believe that you are absolutely correct.

This is the most important thing you can do at which you are most difficult to replace.

If I were Farrel (sp?) and you Calvin, I would say: 1--Get to North's 10 free videos on monetizing YouTube. 2--Then get to his recommendations on using WordPress for the website. 3--Practice with CtR's site and YouTube. 4--When you are ready, and it will take a while, we should get together and video 'my stuff' and put all kinds of material which I have that you have not seen on the website. 5--You would subscribe to North's site, for he teaches how to make money, how to monetize. 6--We'd have some kind of model deal that we could use to help others, those who will carry on, make $ too. HAAG is an obvious thing, calendars make millions (HOST), How To Disciple A Nation and/or A Community is a key, etc. 6--Switzer's 52 ways to make money (Guerrilla Marketing) would come into play.

When you are ready....http://www.garynorth.com/public/department137.cfm

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Yes, you are right.

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