Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will humanity make it?

'...what do you think, will humanity make it?...'

Yes. I've been working with the seed of an idea: The Rosetta Stone of Time. The idea is that we are communicated with from the past, from the present, and from the future, but that we have not yet sufficiently deciphered the language with which we are communicated with from the future. But, Amos 3:7 says that 'Surely the Lord does nothing unless he reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets.' The center of the church has changed throughout time--Jerusalem, Antioch, Constantinople, Rome, across northwest Europe to England, to America, and now to the South, perhaps. A GREAT book, McCloskey's 'Bourgeois Dignity' traces the reason for The Great Fact, that we live 100x or more better than our ancestors a few centuries ago, to the increased support, financially and rhetorically given the the merchant, starting in Holland and England @ 1600 or so, not very long ago at all. We are in the midst of great technological change, which enables action over a larger space, and in much less time, but it destroys the old groups. Our task is to get replacement groups going. It's been done in the past. Watch my Chrestomathy postings, please, for I have a 'calendar' that allows for the 'rhyming' of many time sequences, that aims at producing these peace institutions, in addition to having calendars that help us remember the traumas and triumphs of the past. The future goes as in Revelation, which basically tells the story of events between A. D. 30 (Pentecost) and A. D. 70 (Destruction of the Temple), and the pattern is that of all changes in history, and we amen the pattern on the Lord's Day, by doing it. Love in King Jesus, Chuck PS: Thus I do more articulation of 'anticipatory holidays.' one of Public Vindication, The Destruction of Jerusalem in A. D. 70, a second of the challenge of panENtheism and transhumanism--to do what should have been done re: A. D. 70, in order to avoid dispensationalism and hyper-preterism, and a third, in the center of the year, that encourages the making (by speaech imago Dei) of anticipatory holidays.

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  1. Dear Friends:

    While 'working and thanking' today, the idea of anticipatory holidays came to mind, and it was spurred into typed form by a question from a friend.

    In the 7x7 calendar, 7 tiers of 7 books, there are mountains, holidays, spaced as in liturgy. 10 H 11 H 11 H 17.

    The first is like unto Cleansing, and is Public Vindication, about A. D. 70. The second is like unto Consecration (Sermon) and is The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly. The third is like unto Communion and is Totus Christus.