Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Singularity And World-Building

 Juliette Ward is having a discussion of suspension of belief in worldbuilding (science fiction—search for her ‘Let the Word Take Me: it’s great!).

 I wrote: Thanks! This reminds me that I'm doing something similar in trying to help organize the better conducting of a new layer of social order in history--toward peace.

 Usually events happen and they are 'remembered' in a calendar. I'm trying to do the calendar first, at least as it is presented, the 'face' [Latin 'coram'] and to work through a 7x7 [7s in many cultures, 7x7 an exponentialization, fits into @ a year] as some historians say the worship every 7 days conquered the empires built on worshiping stars, moons, etc., since those 7-daying said by that that their god was higher, having made what empires worshiped in 6 days, and rested on the 7th.

 It'll take a while.

 I'm doing a chrestomathy, calendar-building wise, to help suspend belief. I guess I'm stefnal!

 And…I’m explaining it in a series of short essays, 53, one per week, thus: Yes, a chrestomathy helps teach a new language. I have at least a pidgin, if not a creole--per McWhorter's Teaching Company material. Thanks for this, and again for the GREAT 'Let the Word Take Me.'


 Then I communicated this to Wilson Roorda, whose prof had just indirectly touched on the Singularity, and which Singularity I have a proposal to help handle, calendrically, House Of Singing Times, thus:

I have a plan for that, Wilson.

Developed a little more Sunday at potluck when talking with Elder Roorda.

 You know that in HOST we have 10 weeks, Public Vindication celebration, 11 weeks, Battle of Mountain of Festival Assembly, 11 weeks, Totus Christus [2 weeks}, and 17 weeks.

 The idea is that if we had had a celebration of A. D. 70, PV above, over the centuries, we might have avoided to odd views of hyperpreterism and extreme dispensationalism.

 Aha! We apply this, bymaking new holidays we should celebrate at TBOTMOFA, above.

 How legitimate?

Amos 3:7, we are all prophets in the heavenly council, heaven and earth join in worship, and Rosetta Stone of Time [since God is everyWHEN, He communicates with us from each of the past, present, and future BUT we need to use the past and future languages to decipher the future language] which means that we do hear from Him from the future, for surely the Lord does nothing unless He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets, and Eph. 2:6.

 ERH says that a prophet is taken past the end of time and given the words to speak to bring about that end. [Can be eras, I think, not the whole end of time--which continues in some way--and also hands we use.]

So, TC has these possible subjects, to link up to the Singularity above.

Singularity, end of nation-state, transhumanism, panENtheism [the Church is God]. Etc.

 Thus we safeguard the future by prayaing about these things NOW.

 This fits in with death and trauma and wholeness/completeness as necessary for a holiday, and 'something that happens once for the first time' because we have the communication from the future, as from the past for the death of a 'saint,' let us say.

 Love in King Jesus, Chuck
PS:  It’ll take a while to get this done. We are in the ‘one’ phase of Rosenstock-Huessy’s one-few-many-all sequence of events that produce change.

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