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Benefits from retunings. Chrestomathy 3/53. 1st Timothy, April 22 (Bonus: Summary)

--Benefits from retunings. Chrestomathy 3/53. 1st Timothy, April 22 (Bonus: Summary)

Summary: I’m traveling the 49-book calendar, seeking peace. The theory is that we can echo the wonderful changes brought about by worhiping every 7 days. That worship flowed out, and helped engender great Christian institutions. It amened that The One True God Trinity made all those stars, and planets, etc., that the empires worshiped, and that therefore He was greater than they.

Usually, we remember via calendar the great gifts and traumas of society. Here, we do the calendar first, and as we move through it in comprehensive beauty, many covenant sequences rhyming, we are praying for peace.

Howard (not Harold) Bloom, atheist, in ‘The Genius of the Beast.’ Tells of his time promoting music, and how he was very successful because he got out amongst the music buyers, and developed tuned empathy and saturated intuition. I’m working in that way also.

Now, for the 3rd of this tier of 7 books, ‘within the general ‘season’ we get by following the First Beatitude (and rhymed Days and Churches, forward and backward), here is what occurred to me as I worked and thought. (Note: Using this 49 focuses me on a particular part within the whole, and all the covenants of which that part is a part. I then ‘JayAbraham’ what comes to me during my (work) by writing it down.

Summary over.

This week a lot came to me about retunings. The Tune of the Twelve, the Song of Ascension, and A Retuning by an Ancient.

The Tune of the Twelve works this way. Imagine the 12 minor prophets as being arranged chronologically on a keyboard. 7 white keys and 5 black ones, I believe. But in the Bible, the 12 are NOT arranged chronologically, but theologically, one article saying that they are a Unity seeking Theodicy: His mercy last forever, etc.

What tune would they make then, being struck not 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12, but in the other, retuned order?

And JBJ has pointed out that from Revelation 5:12 and 7:12 there are differences. A circle of fifths retuning, use of the definite article, and instruments. Between the two is Ascension pictured.

This guy asked this question: What would happen were we to retune the retuning in the same way? This is legitimate because ‘psalmodic response is the ultimate theological dynamic’. I did it and flipped the sequence, using tuned empathy and saturated intuition—others have more of each and will do better.

Thus I got various covenant sequences that I will explain later, for I still have 50 weeks to go!

1234567 > 4152(3)63(2)7 > 853(2)1642(3), unto a 12 in The Symphony Of (Peace) History.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck, who believes that the social firmament is now the glorified churches in Revelation, including the 8th, retuned, Ephesians 2:6.

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