Friday, July 27, 2012

What's Next: The Challenge of the Era

I reverse-engineer, using calendar and new song.

Actually, ERH (Rosenstock-Huessy) writes and says that after the many gods were defeated after the first '1000' years, then we could do science, since we did not have to charm the god of the river, etc. to investigate the river. Thus, 'science is that arm of the church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead'. And in a 3-decker universe, now that we have the same sequence of steps applied to the Heavens Above (church, liturgy), and then the Waters Under The Earth (science, state), it is time to do so with The Earth Beneath (people, made of dust). Thus, The Symphony Of History--I'm working on it. The Church is Israel without exclusions. The nation-state is empires without slavery. And the sociological effort is to have the small, enthusiastic groups of the tribes without the perpetual warfare of the tribes. That's where we are, Jim Shawvan. And we will miss the good parts of the state (Creveld, 'The Rise and Decline of the State') as we go into 5th generation warfare with little hierarchy and the ability with technology to have small groups wreak great havoc--nets and jets. I'm working through TSOH and it cognate, House Of Singing Times (calendar of calendars) to world-build, as the science fiction writers do, in the image of the Creator, and his various world models told about in the Core History of Humanity's Childhood, the Good Book.

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