Friday, July 6, 2012

House Of Singing Times An Even Better Symphony Of History

House Of Singing Times An Even Better Symphony Of History

The first ways HOST and TSOH are related is in the initials of each:  As the garments of the High Priest were the Temple, inside-out, were the High Priest to lay down on his back, so TSOH is to HOST.

But here’s the neat thing, the new thing!
There are 4, yea 5 HOUSES in history, and each has a SONG, and this moves through TIME.

The LAW house is the Tabernacle, and its song is the creation speech.
The LYRIC house is the Temple, and its song is the Psalms.
The EVALUATION house is the city (walls rebuilt) and its song is the TUNE OF THE TWELVE. House
The FACT house is Jesus, and its song is the RETUNING done between Revelation 5:12 and Revelation 7:12.

Then there is the NEW SONG.  First, ‘God is our song’. Second is the musical exegesis question of whether harmonizers or flippers, or both, is the way to go. Third is the composing of a new song by the conductor, from the universes asked and the specifics answered in each of the 4 times above. Fourth is that it is possible that the whole process of TSOH in HOST, the calendar that aims to reverse engineer a next layer of social order in history—toward peace, is a New Song.


  1. --And, if Becker and Cascione are right, and JBJ, that the Bible is very structured, then our response must be structured, as a psalmodic response, the gist/spirit figured out and applied in a new way, a new area as the 5 ‘blesseds’ are in Psalm 1:1

  2. --Type and Anti-type! Impression in clay, made by type: ‘reverse’! [male and female]--

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