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Public Vindications A Holiday A. D. 2011


Benefits: We would know what time it is. It is not hyper-preterism time—there is still a Great Day of Last Judgment to come. It is not that Jesus is coming soon to rule in Jerusalem for 1000 years, for instance—for we now worship in Heaven, there is no central worship place on earth after A. D. 70.

Public Vindication is a holiday. A holiday is when the whole people are to celebrate one historical event at the same time together. (An historical event is something that happens once for the first time).

In a new layer of calendar, Public Vindication is celebrated starting at the 71st day after Pascha/Easter. The 11th Lord’s Day.

It is celebrated for 7 days, and the days are also named after books of the 49-book Bible. The 4th book of each of the 7 sevens is what the name of the day also is, in the order 4152637 (similar to Sun-day, Moon-day, etc. like our the present predominant names of the days in American English). Thus, we have the typical-ness of the 4th day, when the greater light (sun), lesser light (moon), and stars were made. Each typifies a 7, thus another 49, as the 49 book Bible, and as A. D. 70 typifies the victory.

One could follow the book of Revelation in some way on the Lord’s Day of Public Vindication.

BEFORE we get to Public Vindication, we have a ‘22’. From Pentecost through Public Vindication is 3 weeks, 3 sevens, plus one more day. Thus we can prepare for Public Vindication by using these 22s.

a—The 22 books of the Hebrew scriptures, literarily conceived. See Jordan’s ‘Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament’. Forward and backward.

b—The 22 parts of Psalm 119. Forward and backward.

c—The 22 ‘selahs’/breaks in Psalm of Day in House of Singing Times new layer calendar, Forward and backward.

d—The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet (see ‘b’), and the respective word associated with each. ‘Beth’ means ‘house,’ for instance. Forward and backward.

e—A ‘22’-ness’ of the Greek scriptures, with the first day of the 22 encompassing 6 books, and each of the last 21 having one book. Forward and backward.

To get the full effect of Public Vindication, it would help to listen to Jordan’s exposition of Revelation, with notes, from He says that Revelation is preterist, also futurist, also idealist, also historicist. It is summational of the whole Bible, liturgical—a worship service, for John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day--, and transformational—the attributes of Jesus in the beginning are transferred also to the Bride adorned at the end. I believe it also teaches us Symbol, the Language, for Revelation is written in Symbol.

Thought Revelation specifically tells us of the events from Pentecost to A. D. 70, it is both thus recapitulative and proleptic—it tells us the form of what will happen in the big transformations to come, all culminating in the Great Day of Final Judgment.

It is in covenant sequence, which we amen in covenant renewal worship, and which also is the form of historical transformation. Thus, Jordan’s ‘Crisis, Opportunity, and the Christian Future,’ and Gardner’s summation of the revolutions of the West in Chapter 5 of Beyond Belief,’ and Gardner’s chart of the complete cross of reality at the end of that book.

So, Public Vindication is after 10 (weeks), and after an 11 is The Battle of the Mountain of Festival Assembly, and after another 11 is Total Christ/Totus Christus, and there are 17 more weeks until the end of the year, or coram—Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi. There is much more to this layer of calendar, HOST, House Of Singing Times, on which I write the covenant sequence and in which I rhyme ‘30’ covenant sequences. In miniature, PV is A. D. 70, TBOTMOFA is something such as the conversion of Constantine and the Roman Empire, and TC is the Christianization of Europe around A. D. 1000. Or, Red Sea, Sinai, Conquest of the Promised Land. Etc. Or Cleansing (confession and authoritative forgiveness), Consecration (sermon), Communion (Lord’s Supper).

More footnotes and references to come.

More to come.

Celebrated A. D. 2011 on July 3.

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