Monday, July 11, 2011

More on Sermon Effectiveness Maximizer

Spaced repetition learning.

What I do is run through the Bible 'phases' and find iterations of the theme--and then I go to post-A. D. 70 'phases'.

For instance, we are being sermonized on the Psalms of Ascent.

OK, let's do two things -- mountains, and festivals (the went to Jerusalem for 3 mandatory feasts, all males over 20).

Let's do 7 phases, analogous to the 7 churches, symbolically. Garden--To Abe, Prison--To Moses, Wilderness--to David/Solomon, Kingdom--to Elijah, Remnant and Exile--To Ezra/Nehemiah, World Witness--to Incarnation, Communion with God and Apostasy in Jesus' Time--to A. D. 70.

What mountains (and world models, for tab and temple were mountains), what festivals of holy war?

Mountain = 'har'. Festival = 'mo'ed/moged. Thus harmoged, or maybe armageddon? I don't know. Suggestive.

The Garden was below the mountain, the feast was the two trees, Abe had significant interactions with the mountain at Isaac's being sacrificed, and they ate a ram. Moses went up the mountain, came back and they ate an Inspection of Jealousy, etc. Tab as multi-storied mountain, mountain of elders over 10, 50s, 100s, thousands. Etc.

You can run this 1234567 or in our days of week 4152637 (a retuning, Rev. 5:12-7:12) or a re-retuning to 8531642 to work backward from what God has revealed of the End. I wrote on this somewhere. This would make a good eBook--I must get going?!

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  1. Chuck, there is soo much here to consider and benefit from. I'm afraid I don't keep up as well as I would like.