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Free. For you. How to help the Slavic Reformation Society, ‘The Movement in Russia’.

Free. For you. How to help the Slavic Reformation Society, ‘The Movement in Russia’.

Free. You. This benefits YOU. It’s FREE.

Intro. Did you know that James J. Hill, who built the Great Northern Railroad without federal government subsidies, gave money for Roman Catholic seminaries in the NP’s area? Why—A moral population is a productive one. From the article linked: Hill was also a major philanthropist. He supported the Roman Catholic seminary in St. Paul and endowed the Hill Reference Library, which operates to this day. Link:

See ‘d.’ below.

Further. Also, in Chamberlain’s ‘The Enterprising Americans’ -- free online at you read about things such as this: Did you know that a fellow bought ice rights to New England ponds, harvested the ice, and took it around the south of South America to INDIA and sold the ice at a profit?

[Advertisement: 1--Let’s get together at my house and talk some things through, to action plan what we can do. Some Wednesday around 7, or is Thursday better? 2—I’ll hire myself out to do ‘ora et labor’ thinking. Make an offer.]

It’s ‘A Serrated Edge’ though. Free online here:

I’ll be a little rough on you, for your own benefit. But remember, beloved, that Christ the Redeemer is dong good things. Can do better. Thus, this.

Two Only. Today, a couple of suggestions, @30 or so that came to me during ‘ora et labor’ Thursday. I give myself something to think about all day, and as they appeared, I wrote them down.

This will be short.

1—We need a book. We have it already is stuff Blake has recorded. Use ‘Naturally Speaking’ to turn it into an editable manuscript, then turn it into an ebook that can be used for the below. Ebooks can be constantly updeated, and profitable and educational links can be put it, so when it goes viral, we benefit even more.

Or we could interview Blake, and others, and record it for transcription—or let iTunes or someone download it, or put it and videos on YouTube.

2—Use a variation of Jay Abraham’s ‘Icy Hot’ campaign. He had a pain-reliever for arthritis sufferers. Unless a cure was found, people would buy it 6x a year until they died—let’s say an average of 10 years. He made, let’s say, $2 on each sale. So, a customer would give him an income stream of 6 x $2 x 10, or $120. It sold for $3, cost to him to fulfill, $1. Would you pay $1 for $120? He would. He gave anyone who would advertise Icy Hot the whole $3, all of it. Radio stations would do it in off-time, when they couldn’t sell ads, for some reason. Newspapers, magazines—anyone. He got on the phone with a pitch he’d tested, and it worked tremendously well, until he and his employer had enough sales to sell it for big money. You see it traditionally advertised on TV now.

How could we use this?

a—Get the ebook above, and an ad, and pitch to people such as Jay did. I’m thinking of Christian radio, especially. Legal Aoom, ProFlowers, PajamaGram—I think they all use ‘promotional codes’ to allocate commissions to radio show personalities.

b—Warren Whitlock and many, many others who will promote one’s book.

c—We could hire someone or some company on commission only. Or make it a church or homeschool project?

d—Holmes’ ‘Dream 100’. I have some extras of his main book for our use.

The possibilities are limitless. Wilson has a Naturally Speaking I gave him to put my lectures on Scribd. That didn’t work out, but we could surely use it.

@ 50 More.


These are in no particular order and are very brief.

1a. Jay’ The Sticking Point Solution has a section on becoming the leading one in your field.

1b. My summary of Jay’s work: JREBUILTNNEEWW. Joint ventures is the first.

1c. We missed an opportunity when we did not get the names of attendees for our list.

1d. Janet Switzer helped market the biggest selling book series in history. Get her list of 52 ways to profit from a book at The Guerrilla Marketing guy made $20,000 on the book, millions on the other 52 ways.

1e. Gospel Participation. Pastor has preached on this, it should go in the book. So should something I think I remember from a BH Conference at which Pastor Purcell spoke, something such as ‘participation in missions is sacramental’.

1f. North has a free section on business start ups at Open to the public. Much wisdom. We are in an ‘oikos’ ‘nomos’.

1g. Someone (Joe?) could read a couple of books, with an eye toward using successful methods by applying them to SRS. Home school project? I have on ’50 Greatest Companies’. Chamberlain’s ‘The Enterprising Americans’ is free online at Did you know that a fellow bought ice rights to New England ponds, harvested the ice, and took it around the south of South America to INDIA and sold the ice at a profit?

1h. VERY IMPORTANT! Who benefits more by the success of SRS (‘The Movement in Russia’?) than SRS? They’ll help us, it’s in their best interest.

1i. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action: The formula.

1j. How to use Social Media—a great opportunity. Many free helps online.

1k. Of course, we need an Unplanning Commission, for when we get successful, we’ll get fat, and fail. Hat tip, Don Kaul.

1l. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT. We’re big on telling our story and it’s important, but ‘who cares!?’. What is the BENEFIT to them?

1m. Influence. Cialdini’s book in an acronym. R-CLASS. You get influence in 6 ways. Reciprocity, Commitment and Consistency, Liking, Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity.

1n. To succeed, we must get the imperative. It starts with that. ‘Let there be light via the movement in Russia’ echoes GodTrinity, does it not?

1o. Find experts to help us.

1p. Pastor Korver’s prayer methods could help.

1q. We have liabilities. Each can be turned to assets. Sacks’ ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat.’

1r. Put Joe onto Abraham Case Studies too.

1s. Get a marketing expert from local businesses (or Michael Senoff, but he costs). Maybe they can get a tax deduction. Hahn went Roman after he taught patristics in a seminary.

1t. Did I mention giving the radio stations 100%? Or, test various levels. Maybe 90%, and sell the right to give them 90% (the buyer keeping the 10%) for $X? Costco makes a lot of its money on membership fees.

1u. Business plan, yes we need it. Cathedrals had 1000-year building plans, and Pastor Purcell mentioned the question, ‘If Saudi Arabia opened up, would we have 3000 missionaries?’ Use SRS’ past to show how.

1v. A St. Jude deal. A % of marked products sales go to SRS. Hey, could this be adapted for Ralph Smith?

1w. Are there books on Christian Fundraising?

1x. Sponsor a pastor, like sponsoring an orphan. $24 a month or something? OK, a % of a pastor.

1y. Xurrency, shares of enterprise, square inch of Yukon.

1z. What did the East India Company and Hudson’s Bay and early colonial adventurers do?

1aa. Do a Joint Venture TODAT! Who has access to those to whom we want access? Give ‘em a %. American Vision?

1bb. American Vision as a ‘Dream 100’ or as someone who gives advice?

1cc. Rick Warren is following on Twitter.

1dd.Tim Galeazzi is a salesman. He’d have much to offer. Maybe the director?

1ee. A director, have more than one.

1ff. O Lord, teach us to budget our time. Ps. 90:12. Show me a man’s schedule, and I’ll show you who he is. Holmes: Marketing Calendar, re model year cars.

1gg. TEST EVERYTHING, low-cost or no-cost. If it works, brings in more money than it costs, you have an ‘unlimited’ budget.

1hh.Spaced repetition learning. A plan.

1gg. Do a Symphony on it, much later?

1hh. Definitely get all involved, women and children.

1ii. For advertisers, maybe 80%, but share pool of a big % of rest, depending on number of ads. Only if needed. We are after names, to send messages to.

1jj. Who is successful, copy them? Africa went from 10% to 46%, 1900-2000.

1kk. List all sources of funds that can be thought.

1ll. We will do poorly, but how many successes do we need.

Feathers, Advantages, Benefits.

1nn. Are we amillennial formalists, or are we after victory by carrying our cross?

1oo. A quick business plan. We’ve gone from X to Y. Figure to do Z. Get A% of pastors part-time by ___. Electronic missions like Pashtun (?), _____ by ____. Book by 2011, Jan. 1. (or in 30 days.) Etc.

1pp. Get Bledsoe involved. He’s studied it, and hey! He knows one of the richest men in the world! Our James J. Hill?

1qq. Keep on starting, always initiating, not hindering.

1rr. Home school project? [We need a survey by telephone of who is unchurched in Pella too].

1ss. North would like the 1—Personal relationship, 2—Christian walk, and 3—THEN academic.

1tt. From Science Fiction. One who traveled faster than light saw the changes in societies. British rewarded innovation by knighthoods, etc. Americans organized it by baseball team-like competition. Russia? Party cards.

1uu. Just came to me: Less Mowing, More Growing. Money saved by the Backyard Farming enterprise.

1vv. Patrons in history: Women, wealthy, students, disciples.

1ww. I should ask North’s forums.

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