Monday, July 19, 2010

Toward ABCs of Time--Apprehending Big Chuncks (sic)

A. D. 70-A. D. 350: 'God' converts, Constantine make Christianity Roman Empire's official religion?
A. D. 1730-A.D. 2010: Industrial Revolution?

Thus, periods of 280 years are apprehended?

What about the next season?

I'll try.

A. D. 350-A. D. 630: Rome falls, Augustine?
A. D. 1450-A. D. 1730: Age of Exploration (but see books '1421' and '1434' that claim the Chinese came).

Using an Ussherian chronology, we still need to do 81 x 49 for the Bible, and 121 from the time from Creation to Now.

And using the 'fictive' @ 16 billion years of 'science' and Stapledon (Last and First Men), and the Mayan calendar, we can add another superstructure to the calendarHOST that runs from Resurrection to Resurrection.

In this calendar, available elsewhere on this blog and in my Facebook Notes, I name each week for a Jordanian 49-book Bible, literarily done with 1 and 2 Samuel one book, also 1 and 2 Kings, and The Twelve (Minor Prophets) as one book, and Jeremiah-Lamentations, and Greater Chronicles including Ezra and Nehemiah.

Then there are 3 holiday periods, of one week, one week, and two weeks, respectively. Public Vindication (A. D. 70), The Battle Of The Mountain Of Festival Assembly (around which a playing composing of a version of The Symphony of Peace/History should be performed), and the two-weeker, Total Christ. These are the writing/tattooing of covenant sequence on the body of the year (CORAM: Celebration Of Resurrection Anno Mundi), of time. We also amen the accomplishment of our demise, our exodos, Exodus.

So, the coram is divided into 7 seasons, each of one of the Beatitudes, with her corresponding Woe (Matthew 23). They bunch and the end, and in a complexification (!), the Days of Creation in Genesis, and the churches in Revelation are rhymed, forward and backward. Well, that's for later.

WHAT ONE NEEDS TO KNOW NOW IS ABOUT THE LECTIONARY HISTORICAL. Conclusion. For easy illustration, divide the time from A. D. 70 to Now by this 49, to get about 80 years per week (sheba:7, oath) of the year. So, 7 weeks is a season. The first season is from A. D. 70-A. D. 350, and what is the
BIG GESTALT for that period. And backward, from 2010-1730? And for the next 280s?

See above, at the beginning.

The life, the rhyming, continues.

Rhyming Covenant Sequences (ERH, Sociology, 1922, on Clint Gardner's page from
Lectionary Historical
The Symphony of History (Peace)
CalendarHOST (House of Singing Times)
MaeDay80 (The Fifth Word)

Love in King Jesus,


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