Saturday, July 31, 2010

SRS, $20K?

SRS, $20K.

Did you very recently have the JV course for $20? I asked head man Michael Senoff. I'll report back.

So SRS only needs $20 K?

Maybe 'we' should find someone or someones who will do a JV deal for us (joint venture) to get it?

Joint Venture is where X and Y are joined together by Z for mutual benefit (that they didn't know about) and Z gets some of the money X and Y would not have made without Z.

Not I, at this time, for I claim to be organizing the next era, the maturational rituals, based on the work of giants such as JBJ and ERH.

But someone could be found, or someones.

Consider it like marrying people, economically.

Love in King Jesus,

Chuck 'buy from me eye salve' Hartman

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