Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Need Lectionary Historical

Need 'Lectionary Historical' Takes periods of time, and studies 1/49th per week, during year, with summaries at the right times. For instance, A. D. 70-Now has a period of study per week of 40 years. So, what happened in the first 280, form A. D. 70-A. D. 50: Conversion of Roman Empire? In the latest 280, Industrial Revolution? Watch this space:

We also have periods of 81 years for Ussher's chronology, and 121 years for Ussher Creatin to Now, and it gets very complicated for the 'fictive' eras, such as the Mayan Calendar, 'science'
and Stapledon's 'Last and First Men'.


The neatest is 500 years = from Columbus to Now, backward and forward, and 500 years + from Now until a Looking Backward/Christian—looking for set of events to put into covenant sequence. Got any?

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