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If pols neither hear (us) nor speak (true speech) they are idols to be bracketed. And converted.

If pols neither hear (us) nor speak (true speech) they are idols to be bracketed. And converted.

Pols are the parasite class; they are not an addition to society, but a subtraction from it. They are the pirates, the predators, the ones who live by taking rather than making. Thus Mark Horne posts concerning the Bell, California situation, as reported on by Mish Shedlock.

Summarizing some words of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy (Universal History 1954,

If they neither hear nor speak, they are idols, and should be phenomenologically bracketed, as were the supposed gods of the first millennium, as The One True God Trinity conquered them. CH, before the comma. (Phenomenologically bracketed is as if one were sitting at one's window, watching the scene outside. Now, bracket that, and see oneself sitting at one's window, watching the scene outside. When one brackets that again, one sees oneself seeing oneself sitting at one's window, watching the scene outside. Continue bracketing.)

After this conquest, science could develop as 'that arm of the Church that is allowed to investigate to find out how much can be learned by treating the universe as dead': ERH.

Nature is reality minus speech, he said. Also, he said, that we will lose the ability to speak in America, by which he meant true speech, vows behind which one puts one's life (incarnating speech--CH). Thus we are on the brink of a new era, one concentrating on tribes, and we must have the best of the tribal life, but without perpetual war.

This is just as we had the best of the empire type of social order--nation-states--but (supposedly: CH) ended slavery. And the best of Israel, without the exclusivism. Bracket them, but also disciple them by realizing that their howl could become true speech. 'That man hates me, I must convert him,' said ERH in Universal History 1954, about lecture 23.

The 'liberals,' who do not believe that God speaks, are trapped in these last 1000 years of science, mistakenly lumping The One True God Trinity in with the gods/idols.

Thus Mish's declarative is transitioned into a series of imperatives.

Love in King Jesus,

PS: Pols could be pirates of the superstructure, first explorers of the cashing in on civilization. ERH does say that the next era is based on civilization. He also says that inwardly, we must have the integration of the tribal membership and enthusiasm. Outwardly, initiations, continual initiations, the paradigm being baptism, and forward we go with the whole man, a typological totality ( 'tt' a translation, application by CH).

PPS: Re: Schlossberg’s ‘Idols for Destruction’ pols then would not be in history, since history is the record of those events that happen once for the first time, forever (thus we conduct history by strongly remembering unto action based on these historical events), they are nature, reality minus speech. But, as we avoid tornadoes and floods, we must act to protect—where’s insurance against political destruction? To ask that is to ask the 1776 questions, at a new level.

PPPS: Constantine was a false god, worshiped as god in the Roman system. He converted. Thus, we are to convert the pols. Hirohito abdicated his godhood after WWII, but did not convert—or did he convert to ‘modernism’?

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