Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Xurrency Options

Xurrency Options


SUMMARY: Were current currencies to become more inadequate, Xurrency might become of more use, at least temporarily and in some places.

OK, this is a paradigm.

It won’t work in all cases.

It probably might not work well in most cases.

It’s a thought experiment.

It would work better in an ‘Argentina,’ or a ‘Weimar,’ than in a Japan’s Lost Decade.

BACKGROUND: Currencies seem to be related to death. Dead Metals, Dead Beaver Pelts, Dead Sea Shells, Dead Saints (indulgences), Dead Presidents.

Xurrency is based on ‘My life for yours’: Mutual Self-Sacrifice. While still alive. A church congregation. One anothering—there’s much of it in the Greek Scriptures.

A ‘timmie’ is a play on a Greek word for riches, as I understand it. ‘Time,’ two syllables.

Further background: An index of costs of skills in the otherwise very odd book ‘Walden Two’ by Skinner. Something similar in Hazlitt’s ‘Won World,’ I think. Depression scrip in the U. S. Depression. East India company money, and Hudson’s Bay’s. Barter exchanges. Emperor Norton. Muslim ways of transferring money without banks.

A SCENARIO. A church wants to plant a building. Though joint-heir of all things, she has no money. Could she issue some, based on the pledged talents of her members?

‘Would you take 1000 ‘timmies’ to lay the foundation?’

‘What’s a ‘timmie’?’

‘Each timmie is worth about $20 now, an hour’s work. However, it takes 5 timmies to buy an hour of work from any of our lawyer-members, while one timmie will buy 2 hours of lawnmowing. A current list of prices and services and products is maintained by us.’

[That’s it in a nutshell. Non-members might be allowed onto the exchange. Timmies might be also called ‘one anothers’. They might be backed by donations of other cashes (sic) or goods.]

[[Someone in the church would need to be an entrepreneur of this project. That’s not all bad, for an ancient priest, I have read, was a bridge-builder, a ‘pontiff,’ ‘bridge’ being ‘pont’ and ‘iff’ a shortening of a form of the Latin for ‘make’ as in ‘facer’ (?). “Entre’ is ‘between,’ and to ‘pren’ something is to grasp it, as in ‘prehensile,’ or ‘apprehend,’ or ‘comprehend’. So, the entrepreneur brings two parts together, as the pontiff made the way over water between two parcels of land.]]

Love in King Jesus,

PS: This is probably most possible in megachurches. I’ve heard of at least one such that has a McDonald’s franchise in the church complex. Hey, there used to be cathedral towns, and monks invented many mechanisms of the modern economy. How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Woods. (Inexpensive from booksellers, and mostly free online here: http://books.google.com/books?id=zVDR2ZePzvUC&dq=How+the+Catholic+Church+Built+Western+Civilization+amazon&printsec=frontcover&source=bn&hl=en&ei=gmhGTO78FMSclgeo_YDoBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CDMQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q&f=false

PPS: I had told myself at the beginning of work today to think about ‘cash,’ meaning how to turn what I write into money, but it seems that what came out during the day was something about ‘meta-cash’! Ora et Labor, since thinking is thanking.


  1. http://snipurl.com/howthecatholicchurchbuiltwesternciv

  2. Were I at the next level of maturity, I'd form a company to market this. I wouldn't do it all. I'd find companies that had my potential clients as clients, and do a joint venture, finding an operator at the same time. I'd continue 'high canoe-ing': haikunewing. Also with Godparents for Eldsters, and the whole complex. Thus, steps toward solving Creveld's two problems, knowing my assets and liabilities. Chuck

  3. This is Just a LETS system.
    Old news to millions of people in various networks world wide. It has its uses and its problems. It depends on what proportion of your purchases are bought from out side your local area. No good at the fuel pump, restocking the grocery store or if the brick works is not willing to be in the network. Its better than barter in an inflation crisis.