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July 4, A. D. 2010--Szasz' 'Ceremonial Chemistry': Doctors' tribal stuff is pharmaceuticals.


July 4, A. D. 2010--Szasz' 'Ceremonial Chemistry': Doctors' tribal stuff is pharmaceuticals.

Would that have been known, a different approach might have worked better. Best would have been to avoid the tribe more.

Tribes are in perpetual warfare. Our challenge in this era is toward peace. We do this as happened in the first era. Israel without exclusiveness--the Church. The second era was Empires without slavery--nation-states. And now tribes without perpetual war. (The Greeks are companion, never a societal order).

The 6th MaeDay80, Hebrew letter 'He'. 'Lo, Behold'

July 4, A. D. 2010 is KolBmoYy, Galatians, Season of Blessed are those who mourn, and Matthew 23:14.

Our Conference and Festivities is still virtual. This year was Deuteronomy – he (lo! behold!) These from Biblical Horizons #80, Rethinking the Order of the Old Testament.

Next year is Joshua – vav (hook, nail). I'm thinking of Psalmodic Response, and Bloom's sayings in 'The Genius of the Beast' that it's 1. The truth at all costs, and 2. Seeing what is taken for granted that is right in front of one's eyes. We've previously had Girard and scapegoating, and Ibsen's Dr. Stockman in 'An Enemy of the People,' among others.

This is for the record only. Once we get a complete alphabet of Conferences, to go with the Repentance Walk, we may have something that can unite the generations in peace, Lord willing. [I should add the 'vav' section of Psalm 119!].

[And, we do do a '22' between Pentecost and Public Vindication, Days 50 through 71, inclusive. This is somewhat similar to a practice of 'counting the omer' that includes a woman's name for each day, I suppose. I found about this just this year in relation to a new woman's name being used.]

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