Saturday, July 31, 2010

'It's All About What They Don't Say' [Deep]

'It's All About What They Don't Say': Thoughts on Kevin Bywater's Post

“It’s all about what they don’t say.”

What's in the news is not the news. What's not in the news, is the news.

This isn't all bad, for it is for our maturity.

Consider: A baseball team here in Iowa has won the state championship of a smaller class, but they only have one player on the team who is from that district. It's open enrollment. Not mentioned in sports media.

Even better, Theodore Sturgeon in 'Sturgeon is Alive and Well'--about 1 cent on Amazon--has a story about a scientist who is pursued by the intelligence agencies because he works out the implications of the fact that sometimes the hole is stronger than the paper, as when one tries to tear a paper along the perforation.

And here is the key thing: The transition is more important than the steps transited. Thus, why does God go from the First Word to the Second, and so on--the First Beatitude to the Second, etc. There is a gestalt there, something that we are supposed to figure out as part of our maturity, so that we can, in His image, speak those transition-making words, under him. The psalmodic response IS the transition.

Love in King Jesus,


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