Friday, March 4, 2011

New Language(s)?

1--The most important new language is HTML?
2--And all language of transition goes from imperative to subjective to narrative to objective, and up to a new imperative. Clint Gardner's 'Beyond Belief' shows this for the 'revolutions' in the West. Chapter 5.
3--A GREAT fictional depiction of a new language is in Heinlen's (!?) 'Gulf,' which had bar codes in everyday use, in his fictional universe, published 1948, I believe. Each phoneme was a word (any language has 500 basic words) and tones and pitches changed meanings and made sentences.
4--The Hindus in Faifrield Iowa have shown that just the sounds of Sanskrit make physiological changes in hearers. Much more to be done. Of course, we know from agnotology that people do intentionally areas of ignorance, so that should be studied also. Chuck
5--PS: McWhorter has done some work on the move from pidgin (language used for a few limited purposes, to creole, that pidgin becoming a larger language

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