Monday, March 21, 2011

Plug and Play Solar?

Plug and Play Solar. When will a person be able to order a solar energy array from his local HVAC person and it be price competitive, I wonder?

Respondent: That one's easy: You can already do that in the third world. We are about three years away on that but may have to wait five for the one with the built in battery. The web has emergency units at a reasonable price. The technology is not the problem its the red tape. What your asking for is called plug and play solar. The best Aussies unit is suncube and there are units selling on conservative web sites in the US The cost is in free fall. That's the point. Subsidies block newer technology by making the obsolete stuff cheaper. There's always a delay getting subsidies applied to something new. by the time Gillard's tax is up and running the price of these things will halve again and the tax and subsidies will be obsolete.

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